10 Ways to Use Tahini Beyond Hummus

If you haven’t hopped on the tahini bandwagon, you should now because tahini is one of the hottest ingredients in the United States. Don’t just take it from us; Delish agrees (especially for baked goods and desserts!). And while tahini is best known for its used in hummus, aka one the trendiest foods New American cuisine has seen in the past few years, tahini can be used for so much more! Grab your jar of Soom Tahini and learn about these 10 ways to use tahini beyond hummus! We suggest incorporating it into some of these various applications – from dressings to dips to smoothies to baked goods, and so much more.


Herb Spread or Dip

You can use this Herb Tahini spread for so much more than Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. Pair it with a piece of fish for that bright flavor your fish is calling for. You can even add cilantro for an extra pop of freshness.



Take your morning (avocado) toast to the next level. Spread a “soomful” of Soom Tahini onto a slice of your favorite hearty bread. Then pile on your favorite fruits and drizzle with Soom Silan for toast your taste buds will adore.



Tahini adds a rich and toasty undertone to baked goods and shines in these Silan Tahini Halva Cookies. The slight bitterness of the tahini plays nicely with the sweet richness from the silan (date syrup) and buttery, crumbly texture of these not-too-sweet cookies.



It’s time to replace your typical vinaigrette for the new favorite in town – our sweet, nutty, creamy, and punchy Silan & Tahini Vinaigrette. For an even more complex dressing, make our Tahini Goddess Dressing. This flavorful dressing might just be what you didn’t know you were missing in your diet.



Pizza is an incredible vehicle for an array of tahini spreads, but especially for a Mediterranean-inspired pizza. We’ve made this Roasted Cauliflower & Za’atar Pizza with Sumac Tahini Spread various times at Soom HQ. We can’t get enough of it and think you’ll feel the same way.



Tahini’s simplicity and easy incorporation into various applications is what makes it such a versatile ingredient, and one of our favorite smoothie ingredients! Have you ever tried tahini in a smoothie? If not, you should highly consider making our Chocolate Tahini Smoothie. If you don’t have Chocolate Soom, feel free to use regular Soom Tahini and add 1-2 teaspoons of cocoa powder. You can even use 1-2 teaspoons of date syrup instead of dates!


Banana Bread

This Silan and Tahini Banana Bread is a delicious breakfast alternative and is reminiscent of those pb and banana sandwiches eaten as children. It’s also perfect for an on-the-go snack or to give to kids for an after-school snack. Wait for your bananas to brown then make this tasty bread. Imagine making french toast out of this bread…



Tahini can provide that creaminess you’re looking for in a soup with a deeper flavor and as a healthier, vegan alternative to cream. Try testing tahini in this Winter Squash Soup with Tahini & Za’atar Chickpea Croutons and report back.


Tahini and oats are a true pair. Both elements contain a nuttiness that perfectly mesh. Trade in your basic oat bar dessert, and make our Tahini Apple Crumble for a fairly nutritious and delicious treat!

Vegan Mac & “Cheese”

Yes, you read that correctly. This is hands-down the best vegan Mac & Cheese recipe we’ve ever had. It does require a few extra steps and ingredients than a typical mac and cheese, but it is so worth it! Tahini plays an incredible part in making the sauce as luscious, tasty, and creamy as a typical roux.


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