24% Butter

By: Shelby  |  October 19, 2016

A few weeks ago I was exhibiting Soom at the Gourmet Foods International Food and Wine Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.  Lucky for me, I shared a booth with a pastry company that specializes in donuts and croissants.  The pastries were delicious (I think I sampled every option) and tasted extremely fresh for being “thaw and serve”.

What piqued my interest was the repeated selling point that the croissants are 24% butter.  Supposedly this is the classic recipe for French croissants.  Now, while I love to eat croissants, I have no idea how much butter is supposed to be in the recipe.  24% butter sounded like a lot of butter to me.  But many of the executive chefs and pastry chefs who stopped by the table were really pleasantly surprised by this fact.

  • Maybe because this meant the croissant was authentic?
  • Maybe because this meant the croissant was de-facto delicious?
  • Maybe because this meant the croissant was well priced for the amount of butter in the dough?

I have no idea.  But in certain circles that I meet, 24% butter would be a HUGE turn off.

This got me thinking about how people are turned on or off to certain messages, depending on their interests and values.  How to best position a message to an audience is a question that keeps many people in business.  Or puts many people out of business 😉

Because Soom tahini and Soom Chocolate appeal to so many people for so many different reasons, sometimes it is hard to figure out which message we should be sharing.  We try to cater to different audiences depending on who we are talking to, but sometimes we miss the mark.  And sometimes, we share a point that unforeseeably resonates really well.

Just the other day, when Amy and I pitched to QVC at the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference, I mentioned how easy it is for parents to “hide” the nutrients of tahini in meals for the kids.  It’s not something I often talk about, but this was a HUGE selling-point for the panelists… Jessica Seinfeld would be so proud!

Long blog post short, knowing what your audience values allows you to connect authentically about a shared experience.  But how do you know unless you do your homework ahead of time, ask the right question, or happen to share a “lucky” fun fact?!  I think about this all the time as it relates to our labels – we have so little space to express everything that we want to say!

So, what points about Soom Tahini and Chocolate spread most resonate with you?  Anything we should “play up”? Dial back?  As always, we love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions!

Signing off,

Shelby, aka the Brains