6 Mushroom Recipes So Good, They’re Magic

Let’s talk about mushrooms. Not only are mushrooms a completely underrated vegetable, but they’re usually playing the supporting role in every dish rather than front and center, where they belong.

This goes without saying, but mushrooms and tahini are a magical combo. The earthy, nutty notes of tahini pair so beautifully with mushrooms’ meaty and rich flavors. We believe it’s time we pay homage to the fungi. So, we’re serving up 6 irresistible mushroom recipes that put mushrooms (and tahini!) in the limelight.


tahini miso ramen with crispy tofu

Tahini Miso Ramen

This Tahini Miso Ramen with Crispy Tofu is not your average ramen. Soom Tahini gets added into the broth, which adds a slight viscosity and wonderful depth that elevates this traditional dish. Topped with the crispiest oven-baked tofu, sautéed mushrooms that you’ll find yourself snacking on, soft boiled eggs, cilantro, and chopped scallions, this tahini miso ramen will become your new go-to for better-than-takeout weeknight meals. To take this meal even further, double the amount of mushrooms used to give the dish extra depth.


Miso Mushroom Toast

Miso Mushroom Toast with Tahini Parsley Drizzle

If you ask us, toast makes for one of the best vehicles to combine an array of toppings and a sauce to tie it altogether. But if you think toast is boring, let us introduce you to this Miso Mushroom and Tahini Toast by Murielle Banackissa. These toasts are so simplistic, yet elevated. You’d be surprised it takes less than 10 ingredients to reach this degree of effortless sophistication. Requiring less than 10 ingredients, these toasts pack umami flavor and a handful of health benefits thanks to the combination of mushrooms, tahini, and miso!


spicy tahini mushroom soup

Spicy Mushroom Soup

Fall is incomplete without a hearty, warm vegetable-based soup. That’s why you need to give our Spicy Mushroom Soup a go. What makes this soup so special is the heavy dose of assorted sautéed mushrooms that eventually gets blitzed with tahini to form a dairy-free, lusciously creamy mushroom soup. Besides its thick, glorious texture, what we especially love is that it’s full of nutritious ingredients! Add additional Sriracha if you prefer a healthy dose of spice, which will help kickstart your metabolism.

Mushroom Tahini Pasta

Wild Mushroom Tahini Sauce

If you’re looking for a new way to top your pasta (or chicken), this wild mushroom tahini sauce is what you’re after. It’s bursting with rich, earthy, and bright flavors as the mushrooms, tahini, vinegar, and lemon zest sing in unison. Top this luscious sauce over trumpet-shaped noodles to keep the party going!


botanica mushroom tartine

Seared Mushroom Tartines with Whipped Tahini & Poached Eggs

Not only can you enjoy this extremely delicious treat at Botanica in LA, but you can also make it in your home! What we love in particular is that you can eat this tartine all year long. So if you’re craving something hearty, yet light with bright and fresh flavors during the fall or winter season, then this is the dish for you. The girls at Botanica suggest keeping this one in your back pocket for a low-key dish that packs an impressive punch for any brunch or dinner party! And needless to say, you’ll want to have this whipped tahini in your fridge at all hours of the day, 365 days a year. It’s just as versatile as hummus, but even more addictive.

Apple Pie Beauty Smoothie

Apple Pie Beauty Smoothie

Although mushrooms don’t play a leading role in this recipe, this recipe is still a must this fall season. Made with Soom Tahini and Soom Silan, this smoothie is a nutritious treat all on its own. We mean, it seriously tastes like an apple pie without all of the processed ingredients! We used Om Mushrooms Beauty powder to add the nutritional and functional health benefits of chaga (hello hair, skin, and nails!), king trumpet, maitake, and cordyceps mushrooms. If you have any leftovers, make the extra into popsicles!