By: Julie Ozlek  |  June 26, 2017

Earlier today, a few Philadelphia businesses linked up for Activ-ate, a free health and wellness event that will (*fingers crossed*) hopefully run on a monthly basis. Dr. Hava Rose, a chiropractor in Philly; Carly, a personal trainer in the Philadelphia area; Core Water; Agno Grill; Soom Foods; and other individuals and businesses made this event possible. It consisted of a 45-minute killer (literally) boot-camp at the Schuylkill River Trail, which was followed by a meal at Agno Grill on 21st and Chestnut Streets with Soom tahini shakes and other tasty goodies, too.

With about 20 individuals there kicking butt on this trial round, I can only imagine how popular this event will become! These Philadelphians entered beast mode when working out and recovered with nutritional food items thanks to the support from the local businesses. The best part about it, really, (well besides the delicious and nutritious food) is the support these strangers showed one another. Carly led an INSANE boot camp where I almost passed out (I really have to work on my stamina and endurance….), but the other participants showed Carly who’s boss while helping others (and me) hit our workout goals of the day. We were also able to network with one another while eating as a family while sitting on a picnic table at the restaurant, and I was finally able to meet with a few food bloggers from Philadelphia who I’ve been in contact with for the past few months.

It was a really fun run, and I’m looking forward to more events of this type in the near future!

All my love,