Kid-Friendly Back to School Recipe Ideas

Similarly to our blog post that focuses on ways to include our products in your children’s lunchboxes, we wanted to showcase ways to incorporate Soom into their diets at home!

These tasty breakfasts and dinners will either help energize and/or add additional nutrition including plant-based protein, calcium, and iron into your children’s’ diet (vitamins and minerals your children may only be receiving through animal-based products).

If your children are particular about what meals they eat, we have some tricks up our sleeves for how to incorporate tahini into them to make sure they are receiving these essential nutrients.

Let’s explore these meals together!


There’s nothing like a hearty and wholesome breakfast, especially for kids. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

If you’re a fan of making waffles or pancakes, mixing tahini with some maple syrup and a dash of vanilla extract makes for a super delicious topping to these breakfast items! Or, instead, drizzle some Soom Chocolate Tahini on your short stack of pancakes. It’s so good that your children will want to finish their breakfast!

Chocolate makes everything better, right? Soom up your banana bread and we promise you and your children will be coming back for seconds! Our chocolate tahini banana bread is the perfect breakfast treat and is incredibly filling. Pair it with a glass of your favorite milk for a dynamite breakfast.

Tahini also pairs super well with plain yogurt and fruit. Fruit-flavored yogurts tend to have so much added sugar, so it’s always a great option to have plain yogurt to add your own cut up fruit to. Top it off with Soom Tahini or Chocolate Soom, some homemade nut-free chocolate tahini granola, and you have a delicious homemade parfait to kickstart the day! If you’re looking to stay away from chocolate-based products, substitute our regular tahini into the granola for a blissful meal.

Do your children love oatmeal, too? Enjoy this delicious nutrient-loaded bowl of goodness for breakfast. Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring anymore, just add apples and Soom Tahini for the ultimate texture and flavor combo!

Smoothies also make for a delicious and nutritious breakfast for your children. Whether it’s a sweet potato, date, and tahini smoothie, a blueberry banana tahini smoothie, or a chocolate tahini smoothie, you’re starting their day off with various fruits, protein, and healthy fats so that they’re ready and focused for school.

If you need more breakfast options, please search through our recipes here.


We have quite a few kid-friendly recipes for dinner options, too!

If you’re trying to find ways to sneak veggies in your children’s diet, consider making our vegan take on this American favorite: Vegan Tahini Mac & “Cheese”. Made with onions, carrots, and potatoes, this “cheesy” sauce (thanks to tahini and nutritional yeast), will happily surprise your kiddos!

Another vegan pasta dish is this Pasta & Veggies with a Roasted Garlic Tahini Sauce. Although this recipe calls for zucchini, eggplant, and red peppers, feel free to substitute any of the vegetables with those that your whole family enjoys.

A great way to make pesto nut-free is to substitute Soom Tahini for pine nuts! Try this recipe; it’ll blow you and your children away. Bonus: this recipe makes for great leftovers, whether hot or cold. If you’re looking to prepare your children’s lunch the night before, add this to the list!

Another recipe we love, thanks to the the simplicity and sweetness, is this Paleo Roasted Carrots with Sweet Tahini Drizzle recipe. We’re fairly certain the sweetness of the carrots with the tahini drizzle will make your kids swoon, too. Pair this with any protein for a delicious and well-balanced meal.

If you’re one to serve up chicken in your house, we absolutely love this tahini-infused BBQ chicken for dinner. Although this recipe calls for cayenne pepper, feel free to leave the heat out so that your children will enjoy it also.

Click the respective links for more entree and side dish inspiration.

Do you make any other kid-friendly breakfasts or dinners that incorporate Soom Tahini or Soom Chocolate Tahini? We’d love to hear from you, see them, and/or repost them! Use the hashtag #SoomAtSchool on social to showcase what creations you whip up for your children. And don’t forget to ask us how you might include tahini in your child’s typical meals!

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Happy Schooling!

The Soom Crew

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