The Best Places to Enjoy Hummus

By: Amy  |  May 13, 2017

Our mission at Soom is, and continues to be, to inform consumers that tahini is a great ingredient for more than just hummusI don’t even love most hummus. Hummuses? Hummusi? Or is this like fish? I’m going with fish grammar.

Chickpeas just aren’t my favorite thing…

However, Soom would have been much harder to introduce to the American Market if people weren’t already so familiar with hummus.  Thank you, Sabra.

If someone tells me they don’t know what tahini is, the first thing I ask is if they’ve ever had hummus. Hummus is the most important foundation we had to grow off of.

The hummus that really tug at my heartstrings (read, belly) are the ones that use a lot of tahini (read, Soom). After all, hummus without us is just humm. 

I’ve been tasked with calling out a few of my favorite hummus for our blog. So here it goes.

There’s no denying that the people that put good hummus (not to mention our company) on the country’s radar are our friends and OG Soom users, Cook n’ Solo, and their teams across Zahav and Dizengoff.  I’m a sucker for their original hummus tehina — but you can’t go wrong with any of their innovative and ever-changing toppings.  Still waiting on Hamshuka (hummus+shakshuka) to grace a brunch menu.

Eating hummus at Shaya in New Orleans was a surreal experience.  Down to the last swipe, plate scraping, seriously delicious hummus in The Big Easy? Thank you, Alon Shaya and team, for bringing Soom south.

This dip has been popular on health-focused menus for years… but not everyone I talked to early on realized their chickpea puree could use some elevation (or rather, depth) with a good tahini.  Kriti Sehgal, founder of Pure Fare and Agno Grill, was an exception.  She was one of the first restaurateurs I came across that after I asked if she was looking for better tahini, she actually said, “Yes. I’ve been trying to find good tahini for years!”

Our Aunt Bonnie makes some delicious hummus.  My favorite thing about hers is knowing she doesn’t love tahini (we still love her), but she’s generous with Soom and knows she’s better off because of it.

My favorite schwarma outside of Israel hails from Desert Rose in Media, PA.  I never put hummus on a falafel, just good ol’ tehina sauce is good by me… but on schwarma, the creaminess this dip provides is the ultimate schmear to compliment the fatty pieces of meat, cold israeli salad, and harif (spicy sauce) in fluffy fresh pita.

If I could write about every restaurant that has embraced Soom, I would.  My sisters and I are forever grateful to each and every professional and at-home chef that has brought Soom into their kitchens and helped spread Soom into many, many bellies.  Whether you only use Soom to whip up a delicious hummus, or have taken the ingredient to new dishes, thank you so very much.

Happy Hummusing, friends.