Light and Flavorful Summer Recipes

Looking for healthy, seasonal recipes that don’t skimp on flavor? From on-the-go snacks to salads and entrees, we’ve got you covered. Feel light and refreshed with these 9 summer recipes!  Easy Fruit Oatmeal Squares Curb your sweet cravings with our Easy Fruit Oatmeal Squares! Pay homage to one of our favorite summer fruits by using […]

Wholesome Snacking Made Easy

We all need a little extra help to get us through the day. Whether it’s pre-workout fuel, a snack to tide you over between meals, or a treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, Soom has just what you’re craving! Best of all, these nourishing noshes can even help keep you on track with your wellness […]

Make Your Holidays Blossom with These Spring Recipes

The best part of any holiday is spending time with your family and friends. There’s nothing quite like sharing brunch or a delicious dinner! This collection of seasonal recipes is perfect for foodies of all types, so set the table and let’s get cooking!   Paleo Roasted Carrots with Sweet Tahini Drizzle  You can’t celebrate spring […]

Spring into the Week with these Easy Seasonal Recipes

After being cooped up all winter, the last thing you want to do is spend hours shopping, prepping, and cooking dinner. With spring in full bloom, we’re all looking forward to enjoying the warm sun and fresh air. We’ve compiled a list of easy weeknight recipes for your family to enjoy together so you can […]

Female Food Bloggers Deserve Recognition, Too!

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to reflect on the tenacity of our three founders. While visiting family in Israel, the “Soom Sisters” –Amy, Shelby, and Jackie– were inspired by a moist, flavorful carrot cake that introduced them to the versatility of high-quality tahini. That cake is what sparked the idea to bring […]

Championing our Female Chef Partners

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we wanted to shine the spotlight on some of our incredibly talented female chef partners who constantly re-define success. These ladies use their gifts for cooking to bring people together. They have forged a path for other female chefs, and we are proud and grateful to work with such […]

Easy, Seasonal Dinner Recipes For the Whole Family

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to make a dinner that pleases the whole family. Dinner time should be about spending time with family, not alone in the kitchen. With these tasty, simple, and healthy dinner ideas you can take the stress out of planning dinner. From picky eaters to special diets, […]

What Makes Soom Tahini so Irresistible?

What is tahini, anyway? If you’re unfamiliar with tahini, it’s a seed butter made entirely from roasted and pressed sesame seeds… that’s it! But what sets tahini apart from other seed and nut butters is its complex, but welcoming flavor profile, enriching the taste and texture of unlimited recipes, ranging from sweet to savory. Tahini […]

Breakfast Ideas to Set You Up for Success

Now that most of us have a little more time on our hands, let’s use it to kick off our day right! We put together a list of nutritious and delicious recipes that will make you excited to get out of bed and kick start your day.  A TINY SUPERFOOD MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE Sesame […]

New Year, New You Recipes

It’s that time of year where we generate a list of things to accomplish during the days to follow. But, unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult sticking to those goals! If a healthier lifestyle is what you’re after, we made it easy for you. Soom Tahini boasts a wealth of benefits because of the amazing […]

Ideal Holiday Cookie Tray

Nothing says “happy holidays” like a tray filled to the brim with delicious homemade cookies. So we took (most of) the work of building these trays out so you can focus on the most important thing: baking with love.  Best Ever Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies Crispy on the edges, puddles of THREE types of chocolatey […]

Most Popular Recipes of 2020

We share quite a few recipes on our site, showcasing how easy it is to incorporate tahini from breakfast to dessert. However, there are some that stand out not only to us, but are some of your favorites, too! Continue reading to uncover which 10 recipes were the most popular of 2020. Goldie Tehina Shakes […]

Get Your Families to Eat More Veggies

We should all strive toward the goal of eating at least 5 servings of vegetables a day. Does that sound like an impossible task for your family? Do your children cringe at the sight of anything green? We’ve learned that introducing our kids to eating and appreciating vegetables and other wholesome foods at an early […]

5 Ways to Eat More Greens

Eating in season is a breeze during the spring and summer seasons, but it can be challenging once it gets colder out. Lucky for us, some vegetables thrive in the winter, like kale, brussels sprouts, collard greens, and swiss chard! Kickstart your holiday season with these 5 delicious ways to eat more greens. These recipes […]

Soom’s Work with Wellness in the Schools

Wellness in the Schools (WITS) is a national nonprofit that teaches kids healthy habits so they can learn and live better. The organization partners with school districts to provide nutrition and fitness education, healthy scratch-cooked meals, and active recess periods. This approach improves student outcomes and drives systemic, long-term change, shifting school cultures. Programming has […]

How to Have a Socially-Distanced Holiday Gathering

Whatever your version of a traditional holiday celebration, it might look a little different this year. 2020 has put our get-togethers on pause, but that won’t keep families and friends from connecting over a meal. Take a look at these creative ideas for hosting holidays without the risk. So while coming together and sitting closely […]

Our Favorite Silan Uses for Fall-Inspired Recipes

From overnight oats to roasted vegetables, silan is the perfect addition to all of your favorite fall dishes. In case you haven’t been familiarized with this ingredient yet, silan is a natural sweetener. It’s sometimes referred to as “date honey” because of its thick, syrupy consistency and rich, complex flavor. Soom Silan Date Syrup is […]

Sweet Potato Recipes We’re Crushin’ On

The humble sweet potato may be one of the most versatile vegetables. From roasted sweet potato fries to pureed sweet potato hummus, there are dozens of nutritious ways to add this orange-fleshed root vegetable to your table. Let’s not forget that sweet potatoes are turbocharged with essential vitamins and nutrients. Continue reading for the sweet [...]

6 Mushroom Recipes So Good, They’re Magic

Let’s talk about mushrooms. Not only are mushrooms a completely underrated vegetable, but they’re usually playing the supporting role in every dish rather than front and center, where they belong. This goes without saying, but mushrooms and tahini are a magical combo. The earthy, nutty notes of tahini pair so beautifully with mushrooms’ meaty and [...]

Autumn Recipes You’ll FALL in Love with 

Keep warm as the weather turns cooler with these Autumn recipes you’ll fall in love with! Not only is the weather changing, but so will your cooking -- from how you cook to what you cook! Using fresh fall produce like squash, sweet potatoes, and apples to whipping up comforting stews and desserts, this list [...]

Does Tahini Go Bad?

We’re here to answer any and all questions you may have about tahini! Should you ever visit our FAQs and not find what you’re looking for, make sure to reach out. You can easily send an email to our Customer Support team, and one of our crew members will get back to you ASAP. 🙂 […]

How to Store Tahini

Soom has received many questions about how to properly store tahini and how long the product lasts (on the shelf or within the fridge), so we decided to share all of this information right here, right now in FAQ format! To make it easier for future reference, we included some questions as it relates to […]

Non-Traditional Hummus Recipes

The most delicious hummus is lusciously creamy, yet also light and fluffy. It is a smooth and spreadable addition to a warm pita or a dip for fresh summer veggies. It is nutty and full of flavor due to the tahini, with bright notes of herbs and citrus. If you are searching for a creative […]

The Best Tahini Recipes to Make with Zucchini This Summer

During the summer, most of us have an abundance of fresh and in-season zucchini available. If you’re swimming in this summer produce, but lacking inspiration, Soom Tahini makes a great companion in several sweet and savory dishes. Put the late summer produce to good use with our recommendations for the best tahini recipes to make […]

No-Bake Desserts to Keep the Heat Out of Your Kitchen

The mercury may be rising, but that’s no reason to keep dessert off your summer menu! Our top summer recipes satisfy your taste buds while you keep your cool. Next time you need a sweet treat, these 7 no-bake bites are the perfect summertime solution! Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites […]

July 4th Backyard Barbeque Bites

It’s almost time to celebrate the stars and stripes and, just like any celebration, a delectable spread is a must! If your holiday plans include swimming, fireworks, or spending time with family and friends, you’ll need plenty of fuel for the festivities. Fire up the grill, pour yourself an ice-cold cocktail (see below for an […]

Try Adding Tahini to Your Smoothies

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect opportunity to add smoothies to your meal rotation. Whether you’re looking for a fruity jumpstart to your morning, a post-workout snack, or an afternoon treat, a smoothie is a balanced, nutritious, and filling solution. Most of us are familiar with reaching for a tablespoon or […]

UnBEETable Tahini Recipes

We’ve gathered our favorite beet and tahini recipes in this line-up of irresistible dips, dinners, and even desserts! Beets are capable of so much more than simply being used as a component of a salad. The delicious root vegetable adds a gorgeous magenta color to most recipes, and adds a sweet, earthy flavor to whatever […]

Memorial Day Barbecue Must-Haves

Fire up the grill and kick off the summer season with an epic Memorial Day barbecue. This Memorial Day may feel different than past celebrations. However, this lineup of Memorial Day Barbecue must-haves will keep this year’s backyard tradition feeling just as special.   Mayo-Free Tahini Coleslaw This vegan-friendly tahini coleslaw combines cabbage’s crunch factor […]

Our Favorite Uses for Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini

When we’re not eating Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini (or Chocolate Soom) straight from the jar, we’re eating it in simple uses or within baked goods. Continue reading to uncover our favorite uses for Soom Chocolate Tahini, which we believe you’ll enjoy, too!   Chocolate Tahini Babka Our Chocolate Tahini Babka is rich and decadent with […]

We’re Launching a Cookbook: The Tahini Table!

 Are you familiar with tahini? If you are, great, and if you’re not, even better. I’m Amy from Soom and I’m here to introduce a series of cooking videos that I’m doing for my new cookbook! It’s called The Tahini Table. The Tahini Table is really just an amazing opportunity for us to accomplish […]

Meet The Tahini Table Cookbook

Most people who know about tahini understand the sesame paste as simply one of the building blocks of hummus. But for Amy Zitelman, Soom’s CEO and Co-Founder, the culinary potential of tahini goes far beyond hummus. In The Tahini Table: Go Beyond Hummus with 100 Recipes for Every Meal, tahini is introduced to home cooks […]

We are Hiring: Director of Logistics

Soom Foods is the trusted brand of tahini and tahini products for celebrated chefs and home cooks ( Our mission is to deliver delicious, nutritious and versatile food products that our customers love and want to share with others. Our Company currently sells three products: tahini, chocolate sweet tahini and silan (date syrup) to customers […]

We are Hiring: Administration Manager

Soom Foods is the trusted brand of tahini and tahini products for celebrated chefs and home cooks ( Our mission is to deliver delicious, nutritious, and versatile food products that our customers love and want to share with others. Our Company currently sells three products: tahini, chocolate sweet tahini and silan (date syrup) to customers […]

Mother’s Day Inspired Menu

Show the fierce, fabulous, and fearless maternal figure in your life how much you love and appreciate them. Clear your schedule, plan the day just around her, and cook some of her favorite foods. In case you don’t know where to start the celebrations, we put together some delicious Mother’s Day brunch options the whole […]

Mexican Fiesta Using Soom!

Do you know what Cinco De Mayo celebrates? If you said Mexican Independence you’d have to wait till September 16. Cinco De Mayo actually celebrates the Mexican army’s surprising victory over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. But if this Cinco De Mayo trivia doesn’t dazzle your loved ones, we’re sure that these […]

Favorite Tahini Desserts of All Time

Soom Tahini is so much more than the backbone of the creamiest hummus you’ve ever had! Because of tahini’s rich luscious flavor and velvety smooth texture, it is the secret ingredient in so many of our favorite desserts of all time. With all the uncertainty in the world these days, it’s safe to say we […]

How We’re Giving Back

We are incredibly grateful to the doctors, nurses, first responders, technicians, hospital staff, and to all of those working tirelessly to contain the spread of the virus and care for those in need. Thank you for everything. And to the restaurants who remain open, who have been donating food to those selfless workers, we are […]

Dips and Snacks to Make During Quarantine

The past few weeks have been a major transition as we have all embraced social distancing. The good news about this quarantine is that the snacking options at home are much tastier than the office vending machine! We have compiled a list of savory and sweet tahini dips and snacks to make during the quarantine. […]

Immune Boosting Recipes

Coronavirus and COVID-19 are intensifying across the United States. While there’s no magical pill to keep you immune from the virus and disease, there are ways to help your immune system function to the best of its ability. These include practicing proper handwashing techniques, staying active, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and eating properly. It’s […]

Eleven Favorite Middle Eastern Bites

Hummus has skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years. Now almost every kitchen, restaurant, and grocery store has an array of hummus options. At Soom, we know that the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean and Middle East go far beyond the popular chickpea (or chickpea-less) dip. So we’ve gathered our eleven favorite Middle Eastern […]

Help Support Our Restaurant & Retail Partners

During this time, many of our restaurant partners have either had to close their doors or limit their offerings to take-out only. This has significantly impacted their businesses and the livelihood of their hourly workers and staff members, whose work has come to a halt. If you have the means, please consider donating any monetary […]

Ways to Spend Time Together, Without Spending Time Together

During this social distancing measure, we’ve been finding ways to spend time together, without spending time together. We’ve enacted daily video messaging meetings to come together as one to share what’s going on in both our personal and professional lives. And while at home, we’ve been finding ways to practice movement and share quality time […]

Recipes Using Pantry Staples and Fridge Essentials

As the coronavirus continues to spread and disrupt our everyday lives, it’s only natural to feel uneasy. We wanted to round up a few of our favorite recipes that provide a dose of comfort and nourishment you can create using pantry staples and fridge essentials. We’re hoping that if you’re holed up at home that […]

Pantry Staples and Fridge Essentials List

There are thousands of pantry staples scattered across the internet, but we wanted to share a list on our site! Below our list, find links to round-ups of recipes utilizing such ingredients for more inspiration from us, food publications, and some of our favorite food blogs.  To Keep in Your Pantry Pantry Staples Pasta, rice, […]

A Message from our CEO: Coronavirus and Covid-19

[UPDATED: April 17, 2020] Hi everyone, Amy here. We closed Soom’s office and warehouse on Monday, March 16th to evaluate the safest way for us to continue operations based on the CDC and government suggestions. As of Thursday, March 19th, we have reinstated limited access to our office and warehouse with diligent safety procedures in […]

Tips and Tricks for The Best Hummus Ever

The best hummus is perfectly balanced in flavor and texture. When crafting hummus, the flavor should be subtly garlicky, slightly acidic, and nutty. The texture should be lusciously creamy, light, and fluffy, with no grittiness associated.  Honestly, we could wax poetic about dreamy, creamy hummus all. day. long. We’ll spare you for the sake of […]

Is Hummus Still Hummus Without Chickpeas?

You probably have a container of hummus (or two) sitting in your fridge right now. Over the past few years, hummus in the US has grown from a favorite among health-food-hippies to a kitchen essential offered on menus across the country! Hummus is a simple blend of only a few ingredients. It’s given Americans what […]

Crave-Worthy Tahini Dressings & Salads

A scrumptious dressing can turn a simple salad into a vibrant, crave-worthy meal. Adding Soom Tahini to your dressing enriches the taste and gives it a silky-smooth texture without the addition of oils or creams! Whether you like your dressing on the sweeter, fruitier side or one that’s slightly savory, we compiled a list of […]

Soom Foods seeks a Brand Manager!

Soom Foods is the trusted brand of tahini and tahini products for celebrated chefs and home cooks (  Our mission is to deliver delicious, nutritious and versatile food products that our customers love and want to share with others. Our Company currently sells three products: tahini, chocolate sweet tahini and silan (date syrup) to customers […]

Asian-Inspired Recipes We Can’t Get Enough of

Whether it be toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds, or even sesame paste, sesame is a mainstay in Asian cuisine. While tahini is essentially sesame paste, it’s typically not interchangeable with traditional sesame paste. The Asian, or Chinese, sesame paste that is used in Asian cuisine is pressed from seeds that have been deeply roasted, presenting […]

How to Make the Best Basic Tahini Sauce

Before we discuss how to create a basic tahini sauce, we thought it would be important to review the properties of good tahini. This way, you can whip up a magical tahini sauce that will be the base to your future dressings, dips, and sauces.   Not all Tahini is Created Equal Tahini is a […]

Your Valentine’s Day Menu

There is no better way to connect with your special someone this Valentine’s Day than through chatting and laughing over a meal. Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, your family, or friends, the best way to someone’s heart is through a home-cooked meal. If you want to complete a restaurant experience from the comfort […]

Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition

Soom products are incredibly nutritious! Our products are especially great for those who are pregnant or have just given birth. Continue reading below to learn more about the nutritional benefits of tahini and silan date syrup, especially as it relates to prenatal and postnatal care. Prenatal and Postnatal Tahini Nutrition Soom Tahini is a great […]

Introducing Alex!

Welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Alex! We are so excited to welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Alex, who is Soom Foods’ Director of Operations! Alex began working at Soom Foods in November 2019 as the Director of Operations. In his role, Alex is responsible for finding efficiencies, improving processes, and interfacing with the […]

Game Day Favorites

Football and food go hand-in-hand, but you don’t have to toss away your health goals while enjoying the game! We put together a playbook with all of the essentials from wings, chili, dips to everything in between. White Chicken Chili with Tahini Who doesn’t love spicy chili while watching the game? Adding Soom Tahini to […]

How to Add a Drizzle of Soom to Your Life

We can’t believe 2020 is here already. You might feel the stress from press and media, as well as society to eat healthier or less. You might have already been inundated with unhealthy exercise habits within the last week. We’re removing the diet culture and are preaching to prioritize what you want. This might include […]

The 10 Most Popular Recipes in 2019

Our mission at Soom is to make tahini a pantry staple in kitchens across America. But at heart, our goal is to educate users of the various ways to use tahini and tahini products in sweet and savory dishes. One of the best ways to do just that is to share hundreds of recipes. We […]

11 Recipes You Need this Holiday Season

December Holidays mean friends, family and FOOD. Have you made your holiday recipe list and checked it twice? From chicken dinners for feasting to cozy hot cocoa nights, we’ve got you covered. Up your entertaining game and bring the taste of tahini to your table with eleven recipes you need this holiday season!    Mamaleh’s […]

Must-Have Recipes for Thanksgiving

We know Thanksgiving dinners are deeply rooted in tradition. But it’s even more fun and loving to introduce family and friends to new recipes that have a special place in your heart! We went ahead and added flare to create healthier twists on some classic Thanksgiving recipes. And of course, we’ve done the work compiling […]

The Perfect Holiday Gift

The Soom Pantry Sampler is the perfect holiday gift bundle that can be enjoyed by many. Give your friends and family members pantry staples you’ve been trying to get them to test out. Better yet, cook or bake something absolutely delicious with any of the products and threat them to them, too!  The holiday season […]

The Fall-Inspired Hummus Recipes You Need

Autumn is the best time to stuff your face (and bellies!) with apples, squash, and pumpkins! Make the most of these fruits and vegetables by concocting not only traditional meals and treats out of them, but also in other savory or sweet ways. While they’re in season, we suggest using them in one of the […]

The Hummus Trend is Here to Stay

For the past five years, hummus has become a popular staple on most restaurants’ menus and in homes throughout the country. It’s become a household product thanks to brands like Sabra, Michael Solomonov’s Zahav cookbook, and giving Americans a customizable snack they can eat at any period of the day. This dish is vegan, fairly […]

The Health Benefits of Hummus

We all know that hummus is delicious and extremely versatile in the ways it can be eaten, butdid you know it’s chock-full of health benefits! That’s right! With wholesome ingredients like chickpeas and tahini, it’s no surprise that hummus is packed with a variety of nutrients that will help keep your body feeling happy and […]

Five Vegan Ways to Use Silan Date Syrup Instead of Honey

We’ve loved silan date syrup for almost as long as we’ve been obsessed with tahini. Similarly to tahini, it follows the three pillars that Soom products stand on: delicious, nutritious, and versatile. Our silan is rich, not cloyingly sweet, and adds depth to whatever it’s added to. It’s the alternative sweetener that doesn’t taste, well, […]

The Best Vegan Soom Recipes

Honestly, these are some of the best vegan Soom recipes! Whether you follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, these vegan tahini and silan recipes should be added to your monthly rotation. Tahini is perfect for making creamy sauces without added creams or dairy products. Plus, these sauces are full of the nutritional benefits of tahini […]

Prepare for the Jewish Holidays with These Recipes

The Jewish High Holidays are just around the corner, and that means coming around the table with our families, stuffing our faces with delicious, traditional meals. Although this year might look a little different, as we might be celebrating with each other virtually, we’re hoping these recipes can provide comfort while elevating those reminiscent meals […]

What is Tahini and How To Use It

If you’ve been pondering what tahini is for quite some time, you came to the right place. It’s is an ingredient rising in popularity across the US, Canada, and even the UK and Europe. But what exactly is it? Before we get to the answer, let’s discuss what put this ingredient on the food map […]

Why These Moms Feed Soom To Their Kids

As three moms ourselves, we always feed Soom to our kids. This is because not only do we believe our products are delicious, but they’re so nutritious! Plus, there are so many ways we incorporate Soom into what we feed them. Sidebar: the best is when Julius, Shelby’s two-year-old son, asks for “lan” (Soom Silan) […]

Kid-Friendly Recipes We Love

It’s time to send the kiddos back to school. Usually, that means rushed mornings, skipped breakfasts, purchased and unhealthy school lunches, and well, sleep deprivation. But, during the pandemic we’re experiencing, routines might still be a little shakey. Whatever the current situation in your area, we’re hoping to help ease what you’re going through. So, […]

Social Media & Marketing Intern for Fall/Winter 2019

Soom Foods seeks a Social Media and Marketing Intern!  Soom Foods is a sister-owned purveyor of globally-inspired pantry staples for celebrated chefs and home cooks who value quality ingredients (  Our mission is to deliver delicious, nutritious and versatile foods that our customers love and want to share with others. Our Company currently sells three […]

Make the Most of Summer With These Food Blogger Recipes

August is the “Sunday” of summer, and that means autumn will be here before we know it. We picked out ten recipes from ten various bloggers that we believe embody summer. These recipes are fresh, fun, and flavorful and are sure to make the most of the fleeting season. Join us and make the most […]

Pair These Tahini Sauces with Summer Veggies

Tahini sauces and summer veggies are matches made in heaven. We believe they are anyhow, whether it’s pairing a bright tahini sauce with grilled zucchini or eggplant or tossing salad greens with a zesty, lemon tahini dressing. If you’re late to the tahini game, we hope the following sauces will help you dress your seasonal […]

Five Ways to Use Silan This Summer

Summer and Silan: a pair that is sure to take your summer cuisine to extraordinary levels. In case you didn’t know, Soom Silan is a rich and complex, all-natural date syrup made from 100% steamed and pressed dates. Silan is a dynamic ingredient that is loaded with essential nutrients. This ingredient will help you stay […]

Where to Eat the Best Hummus in the US

We constantly travel across the country tasting some of the best hummus in the US. Below is our list of restaurants that offer some of the best hummus we’ve ever eaten stateside. Continue reading to see where to eat the best hummus in the US. Zahav Philadelphia, PA For good reason, Zahav has evangelists stomping […]

Ways to Use Soom at Your Summer Barbecue

 Spring into Summer with eleven ways to use Soom at your Summer Barbecue! Summer is finally here, and that means good eats, barbecues, and outdoor hosting.  Incorporate these recipes into your summer barbecue spread for a season filled with dynamite flavors and fond memories.   Grilled Zucchini Hummus Start the party with Grilled Zucchini Hummus! […]

Best Spring Applications of Tahini

Suddenly, here we are in May, the month of easy living, celebrating motherhood, and gearing up for the upcoming summer season filled with beautiful, local produce. Prior to diving too deeply into the barbecue season, we thought it would be great to highlight the best spring applications of tahini. We hope this post sheds light […]

Celebrate Mother’s Day the Soom Way

Mother’s Day is one of the best holidays, right? Maybe we feel this way because as moms it gives us an excuse to spend the entire day with our families. What do you typically do to celebrate your mom? Here are some ways we like to spend time with our families and how you can […]

Why We Feed Soom to Our Kids

Feeding quality ingredients to our children is extremely important to us. We want to feed them whole foods, but especially those loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. That’s why we feed Soom to our kids as part of their daily diets. (Because our products are natural, delicious, nutritious, and so versatile!). Tahini is Loaded with […]

The Importance of Nutritious Snacks & Ingredients For Kids

We spoke with Adina Fradkin, MS, RD, LDN, our nutrition consultant, who shared some light into the importance of introducing nutritious snacks and ingredients into kids’ meals. Read on for her food for thought. Why are healthy snacks so important for kids? “Healthy snacks are so important for kids because introducing them to nutritious snacks […]

How to Top off Toast with Tahini, Chocolate Tahini, and Silan

All of us at Soom receive this one question all the time: what’s your favorite way to use tahini, chocolate tahini, and silan (date syrup)? Although we all share some in-depth ways we use our products, whether it’s in Sesame Noodles or in a Silan and Tahini Vinaigrette, we almost always discuss how simple and delicious they are as topping to toast. Bread is […]

Soom Foods is Hiring a Social Media & Marketing Intern!

Soom Foods seeks a Social Media and Marketing Intern! Soom Foods is a sister-owned purveyor of globally-inspired pantry staples for celebrated chefs and home cooks who value quality ingredients (  Our mission is to deliver delicious, nutritious and versatile foods that our customers love and want to share with others. Our Company currently sells three […]

Soom Foods is Hiring a Part-Time Retail Account Manager!

Soom Foods is a sister-owned purveyor of globally-inspired pantry staples for celebrated chefs and home cooks who value quality ingredients.  Our mission is to deliver delicious, nutritious and versatile foods that our customers love and want to share with others. Our Company currently sells three products: tahini, chocolate tahini and silan (date syrup) to customers […]

10 Ways to Use Tahini Beyond Hummus

If you haven’t hopped on the tahini bandwagon, you should now because tahini is one of the hottest ingredients in the United States. Don’t just take it from us; Delish agrees (especially for baked goods and desserts!). And while tahini is best known for its used in hummus, aka one the trendiest foods New American […]

Plant-Based and Vegan Recipes Created by Jazzy Vegetarian TV Personality

Last year, we connected with Laura Theodore, the mastermind behind Jazzy Vegetarian, where she creates plant-based recipes that satisfy cravings in the most scrumptious and nutritious ways. In each episode, Laura shares these recipes and menu ideas and brings on celebrated musicians or renown plant-based experts! We sponsored Season 7 and are so appreciative of the […]

Make this Sweet Potato, Date, and Tahini Smoothie for your Pre- or Post-Workout Meal

We suggest you make this sweet potato, date, and tahini smoothie for your pre- or post-workout meal. This nutrient-packed rendition of our delicious Sweet Potato Date Tahini Smoothie, adapted slightly from the one created by Andrea Bemis, will set you up for success.   Recipe 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk of choice) 1/2 […]

5 Nutritious Recipes to Add to Your Life

Over the New Year, The Soom Crew is committed to eating more intuitively and being mindful of the foods we consume. We’re swapping refined sugars and unhealthy fats with Soom Silan and Soom Tahini wherever we can. For more information as to why we’re making this change, check out our blog post “Eat To Thrive.” […]

Eat to Thrive

We still can’t believe 2019 is here! Looking back on last year, so much has happened at Soom. We launched our single-serve squeeze packs. Later, we introduced our first non-tahini product – Soom Silan. And we even launched in the UK and European countries. Let’s not forget, we welcomed a new Soom baby (with Amy […]

How to Incorporate Soom into Your Winter Holiday Cooking and Baking

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (queue Andy William’s performance)! There’s nothing better than preparing for the holidays with family and friends and eating the most delicious bites. We put together a list of traditional eats the Soom Crew makes for the holidays and how you can incorporate Soom products into them.   […]

Why the Soom Pantry Sampler Makes for a Great Holiday Gift

It’s that time of year again – shopping for holiday gifts! We understand the importance of holiday gift guides (believe us, we use them pretty frequently). So, we thought how great of a gift our NEW Soom Pantry Sampler is! Whether you’re purchasing this for a family member, friend, or yourself, we wanted to offer […]

The Soom Crew’s Favorite Ways to Use Soom Silan

Over the past six months, we’ve been lucky enough to test the various and versatile uses of Soom Silan. We kid you not, when we say it could be used in everything from a sweetener in baked goods, to a sweet element in a salad dressing, to a finisher for meats and veggies, to a […]

The Health Benefits of Silan Date Syrup

Just because dates are small does not mean they don’t contain essential nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy. These little fruits are packed full of vital nutrients and offer many different health benefits, making them a fruit you definitely want to incorporate more of into your diet. There are multiple different varieties of […]

How to Use Soom Silan

Similarly to tahini, there are endless ways to use Soom Silan.  It works beautifully in savory dishes and adds richness and sweetness to baked goods. This ingredient really can be incorporated into every single meal of the day. Think breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, dessert, late night snack, beverages.  You get the point. […]

Why We Introduced Soom Silan

  Over the past five years of talking tahini, we discovered silan and all of its incredible attributes. Because it has a similar “story” to tahini, we decided to introduce it to our product mix. Silan is a delicious, nutritious and versatile ingredient that is made from one agricultural product – in this instance, dates! […]

Soom Silan: What Is It?

Delicious. Nutritious. Versatile. These are some of the key product attributes of tahini. It’s a delicious ingredient that is loaded with essential nutrients, and it can be used in sweet and savory dishes, from a salad dressing to a sauce, to a substitute for oil to simply pairing it with honey or jam… (until we […]

Soom x Challah for Hunger Recipe Comeptition

We are so inspired by Challah for Hunger’s mission – to advocate for food justice through a very simple act, baking challahs! We applaud all of their members for dedicating the time to this amazing cause. We also appreciate them and connecting with each other, their communities, and Jewish values through this wonderful organization. During […]

Introducing Priyanka!

Welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Priyanka! We are so excited to welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Priyanka, who is Soom Foods’ Director of Finance and Operations! She will be managing our financials and internal support. Priyanka joined the Soom Crew in July 2018 as the Director of Finance and Operations. Priyanka graduated from […]

Kid-Friendly Back to School Recipes

It’s time to get back into some sort of “normal” routine as we prepare for back to school, and with that comes a want for easy recipes the whole family can enjoy, no matter the meal! So, we collected a few of our favorite recipes that we love eating and serving our families. Not only […]

Kid-Friendly Back to School Lunch Ideas

Make the morning just a little easier with these back to school lunch & snack ideas! It’s almost that time again where our children head back to school. You know that means – serious lunch planning so that they’re not always eating the same meals or snacks! As the summer continues to fly by with […]

48 Hours In: Charleston

Are you going on a trip to Charleston and need advice on what food joints to visit? Or are you a local and need new places to checkout? Read through our 48 Hours In: San Francisco blog post (or should we say guide) to help you out! When I met with MaryJo to discuss Charleston, […]

Ways to Eat Soom Chocolate Tahini

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini, or Chocolate Soom, into your diet, but you’re not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you get comfortable adding this delicious and healthier chocolate spread into your daily or weekly lifestyle. We get a mix of […]

Why Choose Soom Chocolate Tahini Over Nutella

Although Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini Halva Spread (Soom Chocolate Tahini) is often compared to Nutella, there are a number of key differences that set Soom above, both in terms of nutrition and overall flavor profile. If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because of the following reasons: You’ve made a specific lifestyle choice, like veganism […]

The Nutrition of Tahini Vs. That of Avocados

The nutrition of tahini is comparable to that of avocados. They’re both healthy fats, but let’s explore what the nutrition breakdown is of these two foods. In recent years, many people have become aware of the fact that avocados contain higher amounts of dietary fat. However, that doesn’t stop people from slathering this healthy fruit […]

Celebrate Father’s Day Soom’s Way

Do you know how to celebrate Father’s Day with Soom Foods? We love how Father’s Day falls at the beginning of the sunny season. During this time, flowers bloom in the beautiful weather, it’s not too hot to be active outdoors, and grilling is just getting started! If you haven’t made plans to celebrate Dad […]

Cooking with the Soom Crew: Memorial Day Barbecue Edition

To prepare for Memorial Day Weekend, we wanted to come together as a team for another episode of our Cooking with the Soom Crew series. This time around, MaryJo & I collaborated on what recipes to make, and we decided we wanted them to portray healthier sides for your family or friend’s barbecue. After performing […]

Introducing our Newest Soom Crew Member!

Welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Olivia! We are so excited to welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Olivia, who is Soom Foods’ Western US Sales Executive! She will be traveling the Western half of the country, from Kansas City to Houston, from Denver to Phoenix, from San Francisco to San Diego and all cities […]

Reflections on the Past Five Years

It’s funny how time flies, but also goes by so slowly.  Certain days, it feels like we only started Soom Foods just yesterday. Other days, it feels like it has been ages! It’s crazy to reflect on the past five years. The other day I came across a Soom Foods “business plan” draft from October […]

Four Key Steps to Make the Best Hummus

Here is how to make the best hummus! Looking for tips for how to make the best hummus? You came to the right place. Hummus is a crowd pleaser and it’s been rising in popularity in the United States over the past few years. We’ll show you how quality tahini plays a major role in […]

Subscriptions Now Available on!

We get it; having subscriptions to products makes life easier! After asking you guys if you’d like to subscribe to Soom products, we finally made that option available on You can easily sign up for a monthly subscription on the following products to easily get your fill of Soom. 2-Pack or 4-Pack of 11oz Premium […]

Join our 5-Year Anniversary Celebration!

It’s unbelievable to think that we’ve been in business for five years! To celebrate Soom’s fifth anniversary this May, we want to thank the community that has helped shape our business over the years in a fun and meaningful way. We are beyond grateful for the relationships we’ve cultivated, and we are super excited to […]

Soom is now in Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic!

We are pleased to announce we are now in all of the 55 Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic stores! The Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic region spans from our hometown of Philadelphia to Kentucky and Virginia. We are thrilled our customers can easily add Soom products to their carts, in-person! We are also excited that our customers can […]

The Sweeter Side of Soom Foods

The Soom Sisters decided to capture the essence of halva in a spreadable form and jar it. And thus, the Sweeter Side of Soom Foods came to be. When you hear the word “chocolate,” what images pop into your mind? Boxes of confections? Ice cream? Molten lava cake? What about halva? Halva originates from the […]

The Inspiration Behind Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini

Want to learn the inspiration behind Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini? You came to the right place. Many people want to know what sparked the idea of Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini. So, on behalf of the sisters, Shelby shares why Chocolate Soom was added to Soom’s product line. “When I was young, our PopPop would take […]

The Health Benefits of Tahini

Tahini is not only known for its uses in hummus, but also for its health benefits. So what exactly are the health benefits of tahini? If you’ve ever looked at the ingredient list on your favorite hummus, you probably noticed that tahini was most likely one of the first ingredients. What is tahini, and why […]

Congratulations to the James Beard Award Semi-Finalists 2018

We wanted to share in the joy and congratulate some of the incredible restaurants, chefs, and food industry professionals we work with for achieving the title of James Beard Award Semifinalists!  Best New Restaurant Category (& Best Chef, North East): Honey Road, Burlington, VT & Cara Chigazola-Tobin Congratulations to Honey Road and to Chef/Owner Cara […]

Add Two Tablespoons of Soom Tahini to Everything!

Did you know there are endless ways to use a two tablespoons of Soom Tahini? Yep, you read that right. Tahini is a delicious, nutritious, and versatile ingredient, and it can be included into every meal and snack! Soom CEO Amy Zitelman shows you just how to do so in her cookbook, The Tahini Table. […]

Soom Launches Single-Serve Squeeze Packs!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our single-serve squeeze packs! Now you can enjoy Soom tahini and chocolate Soom on-the-go with two easily-accessible tablespoons. Or as we like to call it, “a soomful”. Why Did We Launch Soom Squeeze Packs? We launched these squeeze packs for your convenience. You can easily pop […]

#ALLin Episode Soom Foods | “The Family Business”

Shelby & Amy interviewed with Stephen Jackson of #ALLin to take a peak into the passion and excitement behind the doors of Soom Foods. Please note that by submitting this form, you agreed to sign up to our bi-weekly newsletter.

What to Make This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you know what that means – delicious, decadent food and presents! That is, if you play your cards correctly. We believe that Soom can tackle both of those items (pun intended since it’s right after the Super Bowl). Soom Tahini‘s nutty creaminess lends itself well in sweet and savory […]

Cooking with the Soom Crew: Super Bowl Edition

It has been quite some time since we reconvened for our Cooking with the Soom Crew series! The  winter holidays put a halt to this weekly affair, but we’re excited to reintroduce it as a monthly team building activity. How great is it that our first “meal” in 2018 is focused on Super Bowl treats? […]

Who is Soom Foods?

Hi! I’m Amy – the one in the white shirt. I’m the youngest of three food-obsessed, health-conscious entrepreneurial sisters. With my voice, my older sister Shelby’s brain, and my middle sister Jackie’s heart, we started our company, Soom Foods. We believe in the power of sesame. Jackie’s husband, Omri, is an international sesame expert on […]

We’re Hiring – Western US Sales Executive

Soom Foods is hiring a Western US Sales Executive! Soom Foods ( is a Philadelphia-based, women-owned company that sells tahini (a paste made from 100% roasted and pressed sesame seeds) and a sweet chocolate tahini to restaurants and retailers across the country. Co-founded and operated by three sisters who love to eat and value health […]

What is Tahini? The New Pantry Staple.

What is tahini? Well… it’s not: Tamari (though you wouldn’t be the first person to confuse the two). Made from nuts (though many think it’s a nut product). Tahiti (though you can fly us out there anytime you’d like to!). Hummus (though it is a main ingredient in it). However, it is the same as […]

Frequently Asked Questions

We get quite a few questions regarding tahini, where Soom’s products are manufactured, and additional inquiries related to the qualities of Soom Tahini. To make it easier for our readers to find, we decided to capture this information in a blog post. Please take a look at our FAQs below, or visit our FAQ page. […]

Why You Should Kick off the New Year with Soom

It’s that time of year where many repent for the number of baked goods and savory (indulgent) food they scarfed down during the holiday season. But, we’re not focusing on that. We’re here to inspire your health goals this new year. We hope this blog sheds light on why Soom products should be pantry staples […]

48 Hours In Boston

MaryJo continuously falls in love with the Boston food scene.  She believes that Boston chefs embrace unwavering courage to be leaders in the culinary scene as they constantly experiment with varied ingredients. So innovative and so eager to try new combinations, they remain confident with every plate they serve. One of the most impressive factors […]

How to Use Soom in Your Holiday Baking

‘Tis the season to come together with family and friends and celebrate some of the most joyous holidays of the year! Since this time is dedicated to baking with others, Soom wanted to join in on the yum and help bring everyone a little closer. We’ve launched a campaign called #TasteTheSeason on Instagram that showcases […]

5 Reasons Soom Foods Products are Great Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is right around the corner, and you haven’t purchased your holiday gifts, have you? It’s okay if you haven’t – your secret is safe with us. Soom Foods makes excellent holiday gifts, and below are a few reasons why.   Reason 1: It’s a food item! The holiday season is all about […]

Soom Co-Founders Named to Forbes 2018 30 Under 30

Since inception, Shelby, Jackie, and Amy have worked endlessly to spread Soom and educate Americans on the delicious, nutritious, and versatile qualities of Soom tahini. With that, we are so delighted to announce that all of that hard-work has been acknowledged by Forbes as Amy and Jackie were added to the publication’s 30 Under 30 Class of […]

A Chat With… Billy Riddle

Take Your Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner to the Next Level

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Oh wait, wrong month… At Soom Foods, we all love Thanksgiving, and all have our own traditions associated with this holiday. With that, we have varying recipes for some of our favorites like gravy atop a moist roasted turkey and perhaps cornbread stuffing. Or mashed (sweet) potatoes […]

Halloween is NOT Only for Kids

Although Halloween is typically a favorite past-time enjoyed by children, this holiday isn’t limited to young kids – adults can partake in it, too! As the youngest member of the Soom Crew, celebrating Halloween out of college for the first time in four years will be different to say the least. Rather than going out […]

Sharing Soom with Hurricane Harvey Victims

By: Shelby  |  October 10, 2017 By leveraging the resources of our Company, Soom Foods supported two incredible campaigns to assist Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. Julie was in contact with blogger A Dash of Jazz who lives in Houston, and while this blogger didn’t personally experience the overwhelming disaster that Harvey caused, she informed […]

Breaking of the Yom Kippur Fast with NBC 4

Many of us at Soom are practicers of the Jewish religion and love to incorporate Soom into our holiday preparations. Below, we share how some of us celebrate the breaking of the Yom Kippur fast. Julie: I know the importance of Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement in the Jewish faith, but I am biased towards […]

How to Use Soom During the Autumn Season

(Updated September 2018) It’s that time of year again: beautiful brisk mornings and the joyous holidays that soon follow. Autumn is my favorite season of the year. There are many reasons – from holidays to football, to the smell of a bonfire, to spending time with family and friends. Here at Soom, we love how food […]

Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House

By: Julie Ozlek  |  August 25, 2017 Last night was truly a special night. The Soom Crew volunteered to cook dinner for the families at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.  Patients and their family members of both St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children joined us for a pasta dinner. We whipped up […]

48 Hours In San Francisco

By: Julie Ozlek & MaryJo  |  August 23, 2017 MaryJo always gets excited about business trips. After all, when your job is to eat at lovely restaurants and meet with super talented chefs, what’s not to like?! After deluging us with photos of gorgeous food (making us hungry and jealous!), MaryJo came back to share […]

A Chat With… Jarrad Silver

Cooking with the Soom Crew: Pasta & Garlic Tahini Sauce

First and foremost, let’s kindly welcome (and congratulate) Shelby on her return from her brief maternity leave! While we’re at it, let’s also congratulate Jackie on the birth of her second child, too! So many teeny tahinis filling our hearts with so much love and joy. <3 Anyways, on a less serious note, let’s talk […]

Chocolate Soom vs. Nutella

Do you ever have those cravings you need to fulfill with some type of chocolate or sweet, but you really don’t feel like baking, running to the grocery store, or consuming hundreds of grams of sugar to fulfill that desire? Okay maybe not hundreds, but you get the point. That happens to me all the […]

Q&A SERIES: From Tahini O’s to Sexy O’s

By: Amy; Transcribed by Alison Stewart  |  July 31, 2017 First of all, I’d like to know about the craziest or weirdest way you eat tahini. Amy: When we first had the idea for Soom Foods, Shelby was living in Israel, and the following year I lived in Israel. We began getting really familiar with […]

Cooking with the Soom Crew: Buffalo Cauliflower & Pizza

By: Julie Ozlek  |  July 13, 2017 It’s been quite a few weeks since we’ve been able to do our Soom Crew lunches. Between Shelby’s maternity leave to MaryJo’s travels, we’ve taken a nice break to regroup at the office. We also decided that since we have our interns in on Thursdays and would prefer […]

Vegans, let me introduce you to your (gustatory) soul mate.

By: Alison Stewart  |  July 7, 2017 According to the dubious emotional guidance of, your heart belongs to the first person you think of upon waking up and staggering out of bed each morning. Well, Pinterest, I guess I’m the property of nut and seed butters. By the time I’ve smacked my alarm into […]

The Health Benefits Of Tahini

The Health Benefits Of Tahini If you’ve ever had hummus or baba ganoush you’re probably familiar with tahini. Tahini is a staple in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines and gives a light, nutty taste to both savory and sweet dishes. Aside from its delicious unique taste, tahini has a handful of health benefits. It’s […]

A Chat With… Alon Shaya


By: Julie Ozlek  |  June 26, 2017 Earlier today, a few Philadelphia businesses linked up for Activ-ate, a free health and wellness event that will (*fingers crossed*) hopefully run on a monthly basis. Dr. Hava Rose, a chiropractor in Philly; Carly, a personal trainer in the Philadelphia area; Core Water; Agno Grill; Soom Foods; and […]

Cooking with the Soom Crew: Eggplant & Tomato Pasta with a Lemon Tahini Sauce

Today, Amy had the pleasure of leading the Soom Crew with a delicious recipe that Andrea Bemis created for us: “Wine Braised Eggplant and Tomato Pasta with a Lemon Tahini Sauce.” Sadly, Emil wasn’t here to share his “mmm” symphony, but Amy (AND MaryJo) took his place and harmonized beautifully. This dish was composed delightfully with […]

Cooking with the Soom Crew: Spicy Sesame Noodles

By: Julie Ozlek  | June 2, 2017 Hello Soomies! It’s been quite some time since I wrote about our Soom Crew Lunches! I just graduated from Temple University. It is extremely kind of the Soom Sisters to let me have a few weeks off before diving into adulthood and the workforce. (Big shoutout and thank […]

A Chat With… Jenn Louis

The Best Places to Enjoy Hummus

By: Amy  |  May 13, 2017 Our mission at Soom is, and continues to be, to inform consumers that tahini is a great ingredient for more than just hummus. I don’t even love most hummus. Hummuses? Hummusi? Or is this like fish? I’m going with fish grammar. Chickpeas just aren’t my favorite thing… However, Soom would […]

A Chat With… Blake Joffe

Cooking With the Soom Crew: Mushroom Fried Egg Tartine

By: Julie Ozlek  |  April 14, 2017 Amy didn’t feel like searching for a recipe this week, so Shelby took it upon herself to dive deeply into a list of dishes that are “Passover-adaptable” for this week’s Cooking with the Soom Crew meal. Shelby used our friend Andrea Bemis’ Dishing Up The Dirt Cookbook and thought her Mushroom […]

Philly Farm & Food Fest Recap

By: Julie Ozlek  |  April 10, 2017 This past weekend was the Philly Farm & Food Fest, which was held at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  Although it was extremely hectic during the entirety of the fest, it was an incredible time.  Vendors who we work with consistently stopped by our booth to reintroduce themselves and […]

SURPRISE: Mary’s Secret Ingredients

By: Julie Ozlek  |  April 7, 2017 This year, we decided to partner up with Mary’s Secret Ingredients (MSI), “a limited edition culinary surprise subscription box containing unique, gourmet products you’ve probably never heard of, along with a small kitchen tool, delivered right to your door.” These curated boxes also come with custom recipes that […]

Ethiopia Sourcing: Sesame Seeds Edition

By: Shelby  |  April 6, 2017 A Facebook memory popped up in my feed. Five years ago, Jackie, Amy, Omri, Dan and I ventured to Ethiopia for the first official Soom Foods trip. I shared my personal reflections in a February blog post, but also wanted to also discuss the importance of this trip for Soom […]

Cooking with the Soom Crew: Vegan Mac & Cheese

Today, MaryJo was in charge of the kitchen, and she surprised us with something that I never would have thought about eating in my entire life. Boy, am I glad she introduced me to this! Since it was her turn to create this Friday’s meal for our Cooking with the Soom Crew series, she wanted […]

The Positivity Charge!

By: Julie Ozlek  | March 28, 2017 Amy, MaryJo, and I spent our Saturday afternoon at The Positivity Charge, an event focused on three main health areas: build, feel, and body. Sweetgreen demo-d with our tahini in their Hummus Tahina salad, and those who attended that specific workshop raved about the salad. After the main […]

A Chat With… Angela Dimayuga

Cooking with the Soom Crew: Paleo Zoodles & Tahini Ginger Dressing

By: Julie Ozlek  |  March 10, 2017 Mmm. So good. This week, I – well, really my sister – found a fantastic paleo recipe that she suggested we make: “Paleo Zucchini Noodles with Tahini Ginger Dressing.” When she came across this recipe, I knew it was the one I wanted to share with the team […]

A Chat With… Ana Sortun

Cooking with the Soom Crew: “Crispy Tahini Tenders with Tahini Ranch”

By: Julie Ozlek  |  March 3, 2017 Let’s be real – what’s better than cooking up a tasty lunch (showcasing our products, of course) with the members of your team? Before you answer that question, Shelby decided it would be a great and fun team-bonding activity that really emphasizes Soom Foods’ culture. I couldn’t agree […]

Soom Foods new Hire + Forty Hours in South Beach

By: Amy  |  February 28, 2017 Soom has made one of our biggest “big girl” decisions, yet. We hired a sales executive! Her name is MaryJo Griner and she has an awesome background selling real estate in NYC and more recently owning and operating her own catering company in Harrisburg, PA. Life circumstances brought her […]

Reflections on Ethiopia (2012)

In April 2012 we took a trip to Ethiopia.  Amy, Jackie, Omri, Me and my then boyfriend (now husband) Dan.  It was part business trip, part leisure trip – the goal was to experience Ethiopia and better understand where our sesame seeds were coming from.  Below is an e-mail I wrote to friends and family […]

Q&A Series: We (now) say tahini

By: The Soom Sisters  |  February 8, 2017 When we first started Soom Foods we called our product “tehina”, because this is an English transliteration of the way the word is pronounced in Hebrew.  But unfortunately, it was not received well by our customers. If we weren’t asked “What is Tehina?” we were asked “What […]

Winter recipes… made with our local CSA

By: Amy  |  January 24, 2017 Every other week, I get an email from The Common Market Farm Share with the subject line: “What’s in Your Share This Week” At the beginning of January, my farm share came just before our seasonal photo shoot with Neal Santos, providing me with the fun project of making […]

Q&A Series: Family and Community

By: The Soom Crew  |  January 24, 2017 What are the advantages of owning a business with your sisters? Shelby: We grew up in a family of family businesses. The three of us never talked about starting our own business, however, it was also never something that was foreign to us. The three of us have […]

Q&A Series: Our Start Up Evolution

By: The Soom Sisters  |  January 10, 2017 How long did it take to get the Company up and running? Amy: The idea came about in 2011 and we didn’t have our first sale until May 2013. So we spent a lot of time on market research.  This included learning about other tahini’s in the […]

Americans say ‘open sesame’ to Israeli tahini recipes – December 30, 2016

By: Jessica Steinberg  |  December 30, 2016 Tahini, says Chef Adeena Sussman, (although she prefers pronouncing it tehina, as it’s said in Hebrew), that creamy compound of ground sesame seeds, has finally arrived on the American table. It’s certainly a central ingredient for Sussman, an American chef who is based in New York and spends half […]

Q&A Series: Soom Beginnings

By: The Soom Sisters  |  December 27, 2016 We often get questions about our business – how it started, why it started, and if we still eat tahini every day!  So we figured we’d turn some of our answers into a series of blog posts.  We hope you enjoy this Q&A series with the Soom […]

What’s inside?

By: Jackie  |  November 29, 2016 Since moving to Jerusalem 4 years ago, every year my friends Nitzan (Israeli) and Fred (American) have a Friendsgiving at their house. My job is to make Pumpkin pies. This year I decided to go all ‘fancy’ and make one of the pies a pumpkin cheesecake. There is a […]

Join the Soom Crew!

Soom Foods ( is a Philadelphia-based, women-owned company that sells tahini (a paste made from 100% roasted and pressed sesame seeds) and a sweet chocolate tahini spread to restaurants and retailers across the country. Co-founded and operated by three sisters who love to eat and value health and quality, Soom Foods is committed to providing […]

By Women, For Women

By: Shelby  |  November 15, 2016 Last Tuesday I started writing a blog post in anticipation that Hillary would be our president.  I was going to focus on the importance of strong role models, revel in the momentous occasion, and I was going to sign-off with a celebratory promotion on Soom products. Flash forward one […]

24% Butter

By: Shelby  |  October 19, 2016 A few weeks ago I was exhibiting Soom at the Gourmet Foods International Food and Wine Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.  Lucky for me, I shared a booth with a pastry company that specializes in donuts and croissants.  The pastries were delicious (I think I sampled every option) and tasted […]

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

By: Jackie  |  October 10, 2016 I moved to Israel about ten years ago, and every time I come back to the United States I am fascinated by the food scene. There are always some new fad diets, carbs are okay but fat is not – oh wait, no – fat is good, carbs are […]


By: Amy  |  September 29, 2016 Last week I was in San Francisco for three nights, Portland for four.  I got to connect with a few people– one, a stranger at a bar in Portland, really helped me take a step back and think about what Soom is and who we’re working with.  If you […]

So Simple. So Soom.

By: Shelby  |  September 21, 2016 People often ask me, “what is your favorite recipe with tahini”? and I stumble to answer because, admittedly, I am not a follow-the-recipe-type of cook.  I love collecting cookbooks and I love gathering recipes. My entire Instagram and Facebook feeds these days are filled almost exclusively with recipes (and […]