Breaking of the Yom Kippur Fast with NBC 4

Many of us at Soom are practicers of the Jewish religion and love to incorporate Soom into our holiday preparations. Below, we share how some of us celebrate the breaking of the Yom Kippur fast.

Julie: I know the importance of Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement in the Jewish faith, but I am biased towards the holiday – I hate it. I love to eat… who doesn’t? But facing the inability to eat for 25 hours is pretty difficult to do, especially when you are constantly surrounded by food while preparing the break-fast meal.

With this regard, the break-fast of Yom Kippur is the best part of this holy day. Surrounded by friends, family, and other people who practice the same traditions, we rejoice at the end by consuming delicious food altogether, starting off the Jewish New Year with optimism, love, and full bellies.

I happen to break the fast with a smörgåsbord carefully curated and hosted by my cousin. Her menu typically consists of baked ziti; quiche; two different types of kugels; tuna and egg salads; bagels with smoked fish and cheese platters, and many desserts.

This year, I’m taking the advice of The Jewish Food Experience and bringing Soom to our customary break-fast buffet for my family members to top their bagels or fruit.  We are so appreciative of The Jewish Food Experience who shared many ways on how individuals can break their fasts, especially with Soom tahini, on NBC 4 in Washington, D.C. Click here to watch the feature; we are humbled by this experience.

Amy: Our mother used to host break-fast for family and friends when we were growing up.  Quite stereotypical (as the Jewish Food Experience mentioned) with bagels, smoked fish, cheeses and coffee.  Our paternal grandmother used to pick up the bagels, but wouldn’t spend the $0.05 to get them sliced.  We spent many Yom Kippur afternoons, very hungry, slicing bagels.

Shelby: Since we started Soom Foods, I actually haven’t fasted 4/5 Yom Kippurs. Reason being I’ve been, well, pregnant or breast-feeding.  Lol!  So I haven’t had much anticipation for break-fast the past few years. But I LOVE bagels and lox. Kensington Quarters in Philadelphia has a delicious salmon + herb & root vegetable salad w/ Soom tahini sauce on their menu, so maybe I’ll bring a herbed tahini spread to the party this year.
How do you break the fast?
G’mar Chatimah Tova,
Julie, Amy, + Shelby

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