Celebrate Father’s Day Soom’s Way

Do you know how to celebrate Father’s Day with Soom Foods?

We love how Father’s Day falls at the beginning of the sunny season. During this time, flowers bloom in the beautiful weather, it’s not too hot to be active outdoors, and grilling is just getting started! If you haven’t made plans to celebrate Dad yet, there’s still time to book a beautiful brunch or delicious dinner. However, what might mean more to Dad is to spend quality time with him and/or cook from the heart, together!

Below are a few suggestions we thought up for how you can celebrate your father.

1. Go Hiking

Hiking is a truly fun activity this time of year, especially at sunrise. Walk along a trail, get your daily cardio in, and share some laughs with Dad along this hike. For that quick energy boost at the top of the mountain or at the end of the trail, you can squeeze some Chocolate Soom directly into your mouth with our recently-launched squeeze packs. They are perfect for on-the-go activities like hiking!

2. Set Up a Picnic

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a picnic with your family. Whether it’s out on the front lawn or in the backyard, strolling down to the park, or even bringing it to the beach, you can easily whip up delicious summer & fresh items to enjoy together like a mayo-free tahini coleslaw or roasted garlic serrano chili pepper hummus.

3. Grill Together

Summer is all about being surrounded by friends & family, and the best way to do that is by turning up the heat on the grill! Lay some butter lettuce on the grill and serve it with this soy tahini dressing. You could also grab some chicken breasts and make this tahini bbq chicken or grill some veggies (like eggplant) to pair with an herb tahini sauce!

4. Bake Dessert

We get it. It’s hot to turn on the oven in the summer, but trust us, dessert is worth it (especially these desserts)! Tahini adds a beautiful and subtle nuttiness to desserts and makes dessert just a wee-bit healthier with the nutrition of tahini! If your father enjoys carrot cake, he’ll be sure to love this one. Or, perhaps he’s more of a chocolate guy. If so, make these cakey and fudgy tahini brownies that will knock both of your socks off and satisfy the whole family!

5. Give Him the Gift of Soom

Ultimately, if you are unable to spend the day with your father, send him some Soom. If he’s a foodie, he will love to receive it as a gift. Or, if he’s looking to satisfy his sweet tooth easily, consider getting him a few jars of Chocolate Soom.

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