Celebrate Mother’s Day the Soom Way

Mother’s Day is one of the best holidays, right? Maybe we feel this way because as moms it gives us an excuse to spend the entire day with our families. What do you typically do to celebrate your mom? Here are some ways we like to spend time with our families and how you can incorporate Soom into your Mother’s Day festivities. Thus, celebrate Mother’s Day the Soom Way!

Go Hiking

berry tahini smoothie

Hiking is a truly fun activity this time of year, especially at sunrise. Walk along a trail, get your daily cardio in, and share some laughs with Mom throughout this hike. To prep for it, whip up a delicious Chocolate Tahini Smoothie or Berry Tahini Smoothie for you and mom to share.

Host a Brunch

challah french toast silan and tahini drizzle

Brunch is typically our favorite meal of the weekend. What’s better than a beautiful spread of breakfast food to celebrate Mom? There’s something for everyone! This year, we’re thinking of making Zach Engel’s Challah French Toast with a Silan Tahini Drizzle and these quick and easy Chocolate Tahini Blender Muffins. Click this link for other brunch options.

Set Up a Picnic

silan and tahini vinaigrette

The spring season is a great time to enjoy a picnic with your family. Whether it’s out on the front lawn or in the backyard, strolling down to the park, or even bringing it to the beach depending on where you live, you can easily whip up delicious spring-like and fresh foods to eat together like a salad with our Silan & Tahini Vinaigrette,  Mayo-Free Tahini Coleslaw or Roasted Garlic Serrano Chili Pepper Hummus.

Get Your Grill On

charred eggplant herb tahini sauce

Some mothers are masters of the grill.  Welcome the spring by cranking up the heat and grilling some beautiful proteins and vegetables. One of our favorite recipes that calls for the grill is our Grilled Butter Lettuce with Soy Tahini Dressing. If you’ve never eaten grilled, warm lettuce before, impress mom with this delicious recipe.  You can also grill other vegetables like eggplant and pair with this flavorful herb tahini sauce!

Bake Dessert

silan cinnamon rolls - recipe - brunch

Baking dessert is a great activity for moms and kids alike. Tahini adds a subtle nuttiness to desserts, while making them a bit more nutritious thanks to the health benefits of tahini! You can typically sub tahini in for some of the fat in any recipe. If Mom loves carrot cake, she’ll fangirl over this one. Maybe she’s more into cinnamon rolls! If so, make our Healthier Hummingbird Cinnamon Rolls, which combine the warm spices of a southern favorite with the delicate fluffiness of a cinnamon roll. If you’re looking for a dairy-free fruit dessert, we highly recommend making our Dairy-Free Apple Tahini Torte!

Give Mom the Gift of Soom

soom pantry sampler

If you’re unable to spend the day with Mom, send her some a Soom Pantry Sampler! If she’s a foodie, she’d love to get it as a gift. Or, if she’s looking to satisfy his sweet tooth easily and in a guiltless way, purchase a few jars of Chocolate Soom for her to enjoy.


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