Chocolate Soom vs. Nutella

Do you ever have those cravings you need to fulfill with some type of chocolate or sweet, but you really don’t feel like baking, running to the grocery store, or consuming hundreds of grams of sugar to fulfill that desire? Okay maybe not hundreds, but you get the point.

That happens to me all the time. That’s why I am so thankful that Chocolate Soom exists.  Not only am I able to devour a spoonful in seconds, but it offers so many nutritional benefits.

Let’s see. Where do I begin on comparing Nutella to Chocolate Soom? Ah, I know. In layman’s terms, Nutella isn’t the healthiest chocolate spread option in the market, and it’s generally advertised as a pseudo-healthy sweet spread. Let’s take a deeper dive into the ingredients in this chocolate “treat.”

(image source: Nutella)

The first and main ingredient is sugar; in fact, sugar makes up 55% of Nutella (source)! In a single serving, which is 2 tablespoons, an individual consumes 21 grams of sugar. This is in close proximity to a typical chocolate bar, which contains 24 grams of sugar for the entire bar (source)… let that one sink in. The next ingredient that is listed, making up the second largest ingredient in this spread, is vegetable oil– palm oil. This ingredient is controversial to consumers’ health, and the European Food Safety Union has declared it potentially dangerous when processed incorrectly (source).  Not only is palm oil likely hazardous to humans, but it is also harmful to the environment.  According to the WWF, palm-oil production has lead to the destruction of “critical habitat(s) for many endangered species, including rhinos, elephants and tigers” (source). Further, it is also responsible for large-scale forest conversion.

Now let’s discuss Chocolate Soom. There are only three simple ingredients that make Chocolate Soom, Chocolate Soom: Soom premium tahini (66%), powdered cane sugar (20%), and cocoa powder (14%). There are no added oils and much less sugar– 10 grams per 2 tablespoons, and of course the benefits of sesame in Chocolate Soom, making this a much healthier option to consume as opposed to Nutella. And personally, I enjoy the flavor of Chocolate Soom a thousand times more!

Not aware of the health benefits tahini offers? In every serving of Chocolate Soom, you’ll receive the benefits of sesame including protein, calcium, iron, omega 3 + 6, and antioxidants. To learn more about the health benefits, check out this blog post

Moreover, I love how I can incorporate Chocolate Soom into my morning meals or eat it right from the jar at night when I’m craving something sweet. And the best part is, I don’t feel guilty when eating it— that’s why we refer to it as our guiltless indulgence. 🙂

“Chocolate Soom doesn’t just seep across your tongue like an oil spill.”

All my love,


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