Cooking with the Soom Crew: Pasta & Garlic Tahini Sauce

First and foremost, let’s kindly welcome (and congratulate) Shelby on her return from her brief maternity leave! While we’re at it, let’s also congratulate Jackie on the birth of her second child, too! So many teeny tahinis filling our hearts with so much love and joy. <3

Anyways, on a less serious note, let’s talk about this past Cooking with the Soom Crew sesh, where Amy, Alison, and I cooked a scrumptious lunch: Pasta + Veggies with a Roasted Garlic Tahini Sauce. Surprisingly MaryJo and Emil both didn’t help. Should we penalize them? …Just kidding.

I’m telling you, the chemistry between all of us in the kitchen today was perfect. I mean we cleaned as we went, timed everything perfectly, and shared a few laughs, too. And on top of that, we created a heaping bowl of creamy, decadent goodness.

I decided we should make a pasta dish I made at home and fell in love with. Actually, I cooked it for the first time just a few days prior to making it at the office, I was that excited! *Jazz Hands*

I wanted to eat the entire bowl myself – yes, I have an obsession with noodles in tahini sauce.  We added a little extra lemon juice than what the recipe called for, and the tartness from the addition pierced the lush, decadent sauce brilliantly. As always, the nuttiness of tahini deepened the entire flavor with a much-appreciated umami boost, especially coupled with the olive oil-glazed garlic.

The hunks of roasted eggplants and green zucchini added a tender yet firm element to the entree while the slivers of bell pepper enhanced the dish with a vibrant, summery crunch.

It was a perfect meal to make this summer, and I’m glad that I had discovered it.

All my love,


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