Cooking with the Soom Crew: Paleo Zoodles & Tahini Ginger Dressing

By: Julie Ozlek  |  March 10, 2017

Mmm. So good.

This week, I – well, really my sister – found a fantastic paleo recipe that she suggested we make: “Paleo Zucchini Noodles with Tahini Ginger Dressing.” When she came across this recipe, I knew it was the one I wanted to share with the team and our readers. Because it’s paleo-friendly, it’s a wonderful dish our paleo customers can also enjoy! This meal is from America’s Test Kitchen who always supplies consumers with delicious recipes.

This dish was quite amazing because of the ginger’s freshness. The mixture of Soom tahini, honey, hot sauce, ginger, and other ingredients was spot-on. The tahini’s nuttiness mixed with the ginger, sesame oil, and seeds brought the dish to life. Not only was Emil (and the original gang) “mmm-ing” throughout their consumption, but Amy chimed in quite a few times, too, making up for her absence last Friday.

Oddly enough, Hamantaschens followed this Asian-inspired dish in honor of Purim. These buttery, zesty cookies were super easy to create, even without having an electronic mixer on hand. On top of it, they were they full of flavor! We showcased our chocolate sesame spread as the filling in these, and though biased, this filling really elevated the cookie dough. Check out the recipe developed by Tori Avey.

Stay tuned for the next “Cooking with the Soom Crew” post!