Cooking with the Soom Crew: Memorial Day Barbecue Edition

To prepare for Memorial Day Weekend, we wanted to come together as a team for another episode of our Cooking with the Soom Crew series.

This time around, MaryJo & I collaborated on what recipes to make, and we decided we wanted them to portray healthier sides for your family or friend’s barbecue. After performing some research, we decided on these two recipes:  Spicy Tahini ColeslawTahini Pasta Salad.

It was the first time Olivia joined us for the Soom Crew’s cooking endeavors. Trained in culinary school, she quickly whipped up the dressings and made sure everything tasted to her standards. She’s a great asset to have on the team when experimenting with new recipes. However, we’re sad to see her leave Soom HQ to continue her work remotely from Kansas City.

After Amy, MaryJo, Olivia, and I prepared lunch, we sat down to enjoy these two accompaniments. I’m personally a huge fan of mayo-y, sugary coleslaw and don’t care too much for healthslaw, but this version was a mixture of both and a delightful surprise. The maple syrup ever-so-slightly sweetened the cabbage, and the acidity from the lemon paired with the tahini, cabbage, carrots, and mustard was airy, light, and fresh – a portrayal of what summer is all about! For some kick, we through in a few finely chopped hot peppers, which added some spunk and an extra layer to this side.

The pasta salad could’ve used double the amount of dressing, but it was also delicious and fresh. With the crunch from tomatoes and blanched broccoli to the softness of the whole-wheat pasta to the balanced dressing, this pasta salad is definitely something we can all see ourselves enjoying again this weekend.

If you’re looking for additional inspiration for what to serve at your barbecue, be sure to try these recipes as well as those linked below; we’re sure they’ll please your bbq attendees.

Enjoy this weekend and stay tuned for our next Cooking with the Soom Crew!


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