Dips and Snacks to Make During Quarantine

The past few weeks have been a major transition as we have all embraced social distancing. The good news about this quarantine is that the snacking options at home are much tastier than the office vending machine! We have compiled a list of savory and sweet tahini dips and snacks to make during the quarantine. Push through your afternoon slump or experiment in the kitchen with one of these simple, healthy, and satisfying dips and snacks. With the whole family from school or work, we are sure these tasty snacks won’t last long!


Cauliflower Tahini Miso Dip

Cauliflower Tahini Miso Dip

This delicious and easy-to-prepare dip blends the flavors of tender cauliflower and smooth tahini to nourish your body and satisfy your cravings. The fluffy combination is dotted with tangy garlic, spicy red pepper flakes, and bright herbs. White miso delivers a rich umami base that takes this dip to the next level of flavor. Dive into this snack-time power dip with crackers, veggies, or spread it on toast for a healthy push to get you through your day. 


garlic yogurt tahini dip

Garlic Yogurt Tahini Dip

Celebrate the Spring weather with a light blend of crisp flavors and fresh ingredients in this Garlic Yogurt Tahini Dip. The creamy tang of Greek yogurt balances the sharp citrus and bright herb flavors. Then Soom Tahini’s mellow nuttiness adds a luscious foundation to the blend. Plus, with only one step to prepare this delightful dip, it is a perfect way to break up your workday.


Avocado Tahini Dip

This Avocado Tahini Dip is like a combination of two crowd-pleasers: hummus and guacamole. The thick buttery avocados meet their savory tahini soulmate in this smooth and spreadable recipe. When these two creamy ingredients are mashed together and infused with herbs and citrus, the result is a velvety avocado dreamy dip.


Fiestahini Dip

There’s a reason we named this one “Fiesta-hini.” That’s because this vegan taco-inspired dip will bring a fiesta to your kitchen, since no one in your family will be able to resist this delicious dip. This recipe is creamy from the tahini and “cheesy” from the nutritional yeast. Honestly, it’s quite hard to believe that this dip is 100% vegan! Enjoy this vivid blend of Mexican spice and savory flavors by dipping crunchy tortilla chips into this.


Tahini Stuffed Dates

Tahini Stuffed Dates

Appropriately nicknamed “tahini bombs,” these sweet morsels provide healthy afternoon satiation for your sweet tooth. Caramel-like Medjool dates are the naturally sweet base for this nutritious grown-up peanut butter cup. These tender tahini stuffed dates are packed with natural vegan sweetness and an oozing tahini center. The dripping vegan chocolate coating finishes off these decadent, yet nutritious bites that you can enjoy any time of day! Treat yourself to this bite-sized snack to add a little sweetness to your quarantine.


Chocolate espresso tahini energy balls

Chocolate Espresso Tahini Energy Balls

We don’t miss waiting in the line at the coffee shop before work, but we do miss the sweet combination of chocolate and espresso. Swap your morning cup of coffee for these Chocolate Espresso Tahini Energy Balls to kickstart your workday. The mocha blend of tahini, chocolate, and espresso will excite your taste buds and help you power through your workday. We suggest trying Soom Foods Chocolate Sweet Tahini for an extra dose of decadence — you deserve it!


beet tahini dip

Beet Tahini Dip

Full of color and flavor this Beet Tahini Dip will become a go-to snack even once quarantine ends! This super simple dip is a luxurious puree of roasted beets, lemon, and nutty sesame tahini. This stunning mix of savory flavors is versatile for snacking, spreading on sandwiches, or spooning over veggies. 


Maple Tahini Rice Krispie Treats

Growing up, Rice Krispie Treats were a snow-day essential. Now, add a tahini twist to a stay-at-home classic while you’re in working from home. Tahini is the nutritious base of this easy and delicious recipe and as the creator of this recipe agrees “once you go maple tahini you never really go back.” So indulge in these naturally sweet and tahini-packed nutritious bars to kickstart your workload. 

Tahini is a versatility pantry essential that will bring your quarantine snack dreams to life. Consider purchasing one of our products to try in your sweet or savory snacks and dips!

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