What is tahini?
Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds. It is commonly used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, and is a versatile ingredient for savory and sweet dishes.

Is your tahini raw?
No, our sesame seeds are roasted before they are pressed.
Soom tahini is just sesame, no added salt or oil.

Is Soom tahini made with hulled or with whole/unhulled sesame seeds?
Soom tahini is made with mechanically-hulled sesame seeds.

Where are your sesame seeds from?
Our sesame seeds are from the north west, Humera, region of Ethiopia. They are called White Humera Sesame.

Is Soom gluten free?
Yes! Soom products are gluten free.
They are also peanut free, dairy free, kosher and vegan.

Is Soom manufactured in a shared facility with shared equipment where nuts are handled?
Our tahini is made on separate equipment in a separate room, in a facility that also processes tree nuts.  Cross Contamination is highly unlikely, but because tree nuts are on site, we will let you make the call as to what is best for you and your family and friends.

Is Soom Non-GMO? Organic?
Soom tahini is certified Non-GMO, according to European standards.
It is not USDA certified organic.

Where is your product manufactured?

Is Soom kosher?
Yes, both our organic and premium tahini products (16 oz.) are OU, and our premium tahini and chocolate sesame spreads (11 oz.) are KVH.

When can I expect my package?
We ship out products every Monday and Thursday and overnight these packages so you can expect them to arrive the following day.  Depending on location, it may take up to two days to receive your product(s).

Where can I buy your product?
Purchase Soom from our site, other online retailers, and specialty stores across the country. Check out our find us page for more details.

Do you sell Soom in Canada?
For at home chefs, yes!  We sell is through amazon.ca
For wholesale inquiries, please e-mail orders@soomfoods.com