Five Ways to Use Silan This Summer

Summer and Silan: a pair that is sure to take your summer cuisine to extraordinary levels. In case you didn’t know, Soom Silan is a rich and complex, all-natural date syrup made from 100% steamed and pressed dates. Silan is a dynamic ingredient that is loaded with essential nutrients. This ingredient will help you stay energized throughout your summer adventures, and one that will excite your taste buds all the while.

Silan can be used in sweet and savory recipes. We gathered eight of our favorite ways to use silan this fall. These recipes will for sure jumpstart the warmer season in the best possible way.

Goes with Everything Tahini Sauce

Don’t let the name fool you. Although it’s tahini-heavy, this recipe benefits from the tablespoon of silan used. It adds a deep, rich sweetness that other sweeteners can’t replicate. Plus, the combination of slightly spicy and slightly sweet makes for a sauce that you’ll want to put on your favorite proteins and veggies. Luckily, this sauce pairs with everything

tahini and silan yogurt bowl

Silan & Tahini Yogurt Bowl

Did you know sweetened yogurt can have up to 20 grams of sugar and be filled with artificial flavors? Try switching to plain-unsweetened Greek yogurt with a hefty drizzle of silan. Silan adds a delicious sweetness while being all-natural and nutritious. Top off your yogurt with tahini, pomegranate seeds, almonds, and homemade granola for more depth and flavor. This recipe was inspired by the Lebanese restaurant, Suraya

Summer Fling Gin Cocktail

When we think of summer, we think of this cocktail. It’s a take on a Tom Collins. Rather than using simple syrup, we diluted our silan to bring you this cocktail. It’s the most deliciously fresh, slightly-sweet cocktail you’ll want to sip all summer long. Drink this cocktail by the pool or serve it at your summer barbecue. It’s a drink that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by, especially if you’re not the biggest fan of gin!

Side note: we sent the recipe over to the food photographer we work with, and here’s what she had to say about it – “The cocktail was AMAZING. My mom and I were both so shocked at how much we loved the cocktail!! I was skeptical about it being sweetened with silan, only because gin can be kind of strong, but oh my gosh it was soooo good. People who don’t usually like gin will love it!!

hummingbird cinnamon rolls silan date syrup

Hummingbird Cinnamon Rolls

Summer also calls for sweets, especially those with silan! These Hummingbird Cinnamon Rolls taste like a classic Southern spice cake. However, they’re lower in sugar and made from whole wheat flour, making it a healthier alternative. These rolls are filled with pecans, pineapples, and coconut filling. They’re also sweetened with silan date syrup, and spiced with cinnamon. It’s the perfect medley, and it gets even better with pineapple frosting. These make for a perfect summer Sunday brunch with family and friends.

Citrus Poached Salmon with Silan Drizzle

Salmon, silan, and citrus combined become the perfect trifecta.  This salmon dish is incredibly dynamic in flavor. Tangy lemon and grapefruit add an acidic flare, while a lustrous silan drizzle balances the brightness of citrus with a sweet, yet complex note. Sprigs of dill add a freshness that hits all the right bases and is perfect for any summer affair.

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