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Food Service

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We partner with restaurants, caterers, manufacturers, and other culinary professionals that share our commitment to high-quality products and a passion for delicious food. Whether you seek a global influence on your menu, are inspired by food sourcing and sustainability or simply want to make the best hummus ever, Soom Foods is a reliable and dedicated partner!

Our Products

16oz premium tahini - soom foods

Creamy and silky-smooth, Soom Tahini is made from 100% roasted and pressed Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds. The mild nutty flavor makes this nutritious staple for both savory and sweet recipes.

Award-winning chefs use Soom Tahini because of its rounded nutty flavor profile and its silky smooth consistency, making it easier to use and re-blend, causing less waste. Soom sesame butter is lauded in sweet and savory dishes including baked goods, soups, dips, sauces, marinades, dressings, smoothies, ice creams, and more! The silky smooth texture and subtle nuttiness will make you rethink your perception of tahini.

chocolate sweet tahini - soom foods

Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini is a velvety smooth semi-sweet chocolate spread with a hint of nuttiness from nutrient-dense sesame seeds. Made with just three simple ingredients: Soom Tahini, premium cocoa powder, and powdered pure cane sugar.

Also known as Chocolate Soom, our chocolate tahini spread is our “guiltless indulgence” – the indulgence of chocolate with the nourishment of sesame. With a spreadable, silky texture, Chocolate Soom offers a rich, semi-sweet chocolate flavor. It’s the perfect addition in smoothies and ice creams, in baked goods, and on cheese boards.


Soom Silan is a natural sweetener, sometimes referred to as “date honey” because of its thick, syrupy consistency and rich, complex flavor. Our silan is made with only dates from the fertile Jordan Valley and The Arava Desert that are steamed and pressed to perfection. Silan Date Syrup is milder in sweetness yet deeper in flavor than honey or maple syrup. It’s also loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Our silan is silky, light, and smooth in texture, and rich, complex, and sweet in flavor.  Its viscosity lies in between that of honey and molasses. 

Substitute this vegan, lower sugar alternative for maple syrup, honey, agave, and molasses.

It’s perfect for finishing meats or roasted veggies, as a topper for oatmeal, as a component on a cheese board, and as a replacement in baked goods and smoothies. Delicious in coffee, tea, and cocktails, too!

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