How to Add a Drizzle of Soom to Your Life

We can’t believe 2020 is here already. You might feel the stress from press and media, as well as society to eat healthier or less. You might have already been inundated with unhealthy exercise habits within the last week. We’re removing the diet culture and are preaching to prioritize what you want. This might include focusing on better relationships, committing to stepping out of your comfort zone, or you guessed right, incorporating healthier ingredients into your life.

That’s why #TheSoomDrizzle is the next big thing this year. Two tablespoons of tahini packs a punch of nutritional benefits! In addition, it adds plant-based calcium, protein, and iron — micro and macronutrients that are hard to retrieve from other plants and seeds. We’ll be drizzling tahini, chocolate sweet tahini, and silan on an array of dishes. This includes roasted veggies, proteins like tofu, chicken, or salmon, and into smoothies, oatmeal, yogurts, and other countless breakfast options.



Lets get into more specifics for ways you can do #TheSoomDrizzle. We’re starting with our flagship product: tahini. You might adore tahini in hummus — it helps to create that creamy, luscious texture. But the use of tahini shouldn’t stop at hummus. There are countless ways to incorporate tahini into your meals. 

We have over 300 recipes dedicated to showing you exactly how to use tahini besides just in hummus! Besides using it in dips, dressings, and sauces, there are simple ways to add what we call a “soomful” (two tablespoons) to your daily life. We absolutely love drizzling tahini onto our morning or overnight oats and into a smoothie or yogurt bowl. We love nutty flavor it gives to toast with some honey or silan, and to waffles, french toast, and pancakes! Let’s be honest — no matter the breakfast option, a drizzle of tahini just makes it taste better.  Of course we can’t forget about adding it to savory options! Drizzle tahini straight from the jar onto roasted vegetables or whip it into a sauce to top your favorite proteins. 


chocolate tahini toast with bananas

Chocolate Sweet Tahini

We’ll keep it real with you. We drizzle Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini straight into our mouths and skip the vessel we’d typically drizzle it onto. Besides eating it directly from the jar, there are so many ways to add our guiltless indulgence to our lives with a simple drizzle. Similarly to tahini, we eat chocolate sweet tahini within our oatmeal bowls, on waffles with bananas and strawberries, and on toast with bananas and chia seeds. It’s also incredibly delicious in smoothies and as a topping to them! Make sure to try our Chocolate Tahini Smoothie; we think it’ll be added to your weekly repertoire. 


Silan Date Syrup

And finally, there’s silan date syrup: a rich, complex, and not-super-sweet sweetener substitute that has a lower glycemic index than maple syrup, honey, molasses, agave, and refined sugar. Dates, the only ingredient in Soom Silan, boast countless nutritious properties, similar to tahini! And it makes a delicious drizzle onto just about everything you could imagine drizzling it onto! 

One of our favorite ways to use silan is also drizzling it onto a yogurt bowl with tahini, onto oatmeal, on toast, pancakes, and other brunch items. It’s even incredible on top of toast with a schmear of labne and cheese, or on a bagel with cream cheese, lox, and red onions! We also drizzle silan onto roasted veggies like sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and even onto proteins, like salmon! Lastly, it makes a fabulous dessert topping whether on ice cream or healthier cheesecake bites! Pro tip: anywhere you’d drizzle maple syrup or tahini, give silan a try instead.


Check out some of our favorite ways to do #TheSoomDrizzle on Instagram and make sure to tag us in your drizzle creations! We can’t wait to see what you whip up.

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