How to Top off Toast with Tahini, Chocolate Tahini, and Silan

All of us at Soom receive this one question all the time: what’s your favorite way to use tahini, chocolate tahini, and silan (date syrup)? Although we all share some in-depth ways we use our products, whether it’s in Sesame Noodles or in a Silan and Tahini Vinaigrette, we almost always discuss how simple and delicious they are as topping to toastBread is such an amazing vehicle for so many things, and pairing our products with different toast variations is one of the simplest (and most delicious) way to use our products!   

If you have not yet tried using our products on toast, we hope this post will inspire you to. 

Continue reading on to learn about our favorite ways, and some of our customers’ favorite applications, of our products on toast! 




avocado tahini toast with soft boiled egg

Have you ever heard of avocado toast? Who are we kidding, who hasn’t?! Avocado toast with a drizzle of tahini has been one of the trendiest things on Instagram. We don’t blame it for trending considering it’s SO easy and delicious. Make some super simple like Today Show’s Cooking Host, Samah Dada, with her avocado and tahini mash on toast with a drizzle of olive oil and Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, or get fancy and top it off with a soft boiled, finely chopped watermelon radish,  cracked black pepper, and a drizzle of Soom Tahini for the perfect bite.  


tahini and fig jam on bread

If you like to add a nutty element to your toast, tahini is the perfect addition! It pairs deliciously with any type of berry jam. It’s also super delicious with apricot or fig jam and even grape jelly. If you’re looking to pair a nut-free spread with a schmear of jam for lunch, tahini is the way to go.  


tahini almond butter toast and chocolate tahini cashew toast

Tahini complements nut butters when paired with one another. For instance, one of our favorite ways is drizzling Soom Tahini on top of a hearty piece of bread with a hefty coating of Nutty Novelties’ Cinnamon Almond Butter. The two flavors complement one another without overpowering each other. Crumble some of Michele’s Granola on top for the ultimate slice! 



Chocolate Tahini 


soom chocolate tahini on toast

While we love eating Chocolate Soom straight from the jar, one of our other favorite ways to eat it is as schmear on toast, similar to what Sugared & Stirred did (pictured above). You can also top off your toast with our chocolate halva spread with hemp seeds and strawberries like Beachside Kitchen! 


soom chocolate tahini banana and avocado toast

Pair it with a nut butter of your choice for a rich, chocolately “Reese’s” on bread. *micdropTop it with your favorite seeds and fruits for extra nutrition and add extra sweetness with coconut flakes like @plantbasedblonde.


yogurt toast with soom chocolate tahini

You know what else is surprisingly delicious? Yogurt and Chocolate Soom. Spread both on a piece of toast and swirl them together to create a beautiful snack you’d want to show the world (thanks, @dadaeats!).  

soom chocolate tahini and avocado on toast

You can also try one of the creamiest combinations like combining Chocolate Soom with avocado on a slice of gluten-free sourdough bread! Layer it with chocolate tahini, a drizzle of honey or Soom Silan, avocado slices, and white chia seeds.  




silan and tahini on toast with bananas and coconut flakes

Soom Silan is incredibly delicious with tahini! Pair the two together for a Middle Eastern PB&J twist that’s reminiscent of your typical childhood lunch. You can even spice it up with cardamom, bananas, and toasted cardamom flakes like food photographer Dishing Out Health. 


almond butter silan toast

Similarly to tahini and chocolate tahini, silan also pairs deliciously with nut butters, especially almond butter! The products meld together so well as though they were a match made in food heaven. 

Silan is a great vegan alternative to honey and adds a nice, date richness to the sandwich. Whenever you reach for honey to top off your toast creation, consider using Soom Silan instead. 

One of Julie’s favorite slices of toast includes a hefty serving of labne (Middle Eastern yogurt) on a seedy, soft piece of bread topped with a slice of Havarti cheese and a drizzle of silan. When you take a bite of a slice of toast with those toppings, she claims it’s life changing.  

Topping a slice of toast or bagel with cream cheese, lox, few slices of red onion, and a drizzle of silan is also super delectable. Emil experimented with it before and reported back that it was one of the best brunch dishes he’s ever made. 

What’s your favorite way to top off toast using Soom products?! Let us know by tagging us on social media (@soomfoods) or emailing us at! 

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