How to Use a Soomful of Soom Products

Did you know there are endless ways to use a “soomful” (two tablespoons) of Soom Tahini?

Tahini is an extremely delicious, nutritious, and versatile ingredient. So, you may be thinking, “I’d love to add two tablespoons of tahini to my everyday lifestyle. It’s loaded with essential nutrients that I may not intake on the daily, but I have no idea what to make, especially for breakfast!”

Use a soomful of Soom Tahini or a soomful of Chocolate Soom (or both) on oatmeal bowls, yogurt, or even breakfast bars. It’s also delicious over granola and parfait cups. Chocolate Soom in particular is fantastic as a breakfast topper since it has the a perfect consistency for the drip. You can also easily squeeze a soomful into your sweet potato date and tahini smoothie or chocolate tahini smoothie.

If you like to enjoy leisurely breakfasts, kick the syrup and butter to the curb! Do the drizzle or dip your waffles and pancakes into a pool of Chocolate Soom. Or, be like me and do both! Tahini also pairs super well with avocados, making your breakfast tacos and burritos a whole lot more interesting.

If you’re really crushed for time, grab a banana and a squeeze pack on your way out the door for the perfect on-the-go breakfast.


“Okay, I get how to use tahini in breakfast, but how do I add it to my lunch or dinner?”

Soom Tahini can easily be enjoyed at lunch or dinner time. It’s perfect for drizzling on top of buddha bowls, salads, and as an accompaniment to other dishes.

You can easily whip a soomful into a sauce with a little bit of garlic, lemon juice, and cold water. To give it additional flavor, add in some fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley, and chives. You can take it a different route with cumin and other Middle Eastern flavors. You can also make many different dressings that require only a soomful of tahini, like Flora & Vino’s avocado tahini cream dressing that she makes to enjoy a vegan Kale Caesar salad.


tahini sauce that goes with everything soom foods


Although many of Soom’s dinner recipes contain more than two tablespoons of tahini, there are so many ways to incorporate a soomful into items for dinner time. Besides adding tahini to your salad, you can whip up our tahini pesto pasta. You can also recreate our harissa tahini yogurt to top off your veggie burgers or roasted vegetables for additional flavor. You can also make this goes with everything tahini sauce! However, this sauce would need 2 packets of Soom Tahini Squeeze Packs.


“What if I’m traveling?”

Soom’s squeeze packs are SO great for any kind of travel. They’re under the TSA requirement, so you can easily pop them into your personal bag or carry on. Who knows when you’ll need to fix that chocolate craving you’re experiencing while on an airplane? Even if you’re traveling by car, you may need to satisfy those afternoon hunger pains while stuck in traffic. A #soomful is just what you need!

Did this inspire you to create your own use for a soomful? Show us! Email your pictures or ideas to me ( You can also share them on social media with the #soomful hashtag for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed!

We hope you’ll join us in enjoying our two delicious tahini flavors #straightfromthepack.


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