How to Use Soom During the Autumn Season

(Updated September 2018)

It’s that time of year again: beautiful brisk mornings and the joyous holidays that soon follow.

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Autumn is my favorite season of the year. There are many reasons – from holidays to football, to the smell of a bonfire, to spending time with family and friends.

Here at Soom, we love how food brings people together and how Soom compliments fall flavors and ingredients. You may be thinking, how can I use Chocolate Soom or Soom tahini in my holiday foods or for a simple get-together? Lucky for you, below are some of our favorite uses.

You may want to utilize tahini in a dish to ring in Rosh Hashanah. Instead of dipping a piece of challah into solely honey, how about making a tahini and honey spread? This makes for an even more nutritious treat while still partaking in the “sweet new year” tradition. You can also spread this across a slice of toast, top it with apples, sprinkle it with cinnamon, and you’re in for a delicious breakfast!

If you’re looking for options to cook up for dinner, we highly recommend cooking up this Simanim Chicken by Cooking in Heels for an entrée or these glazed honey and tahini potatoes for a comforting side dish. And of course, serving hummus to get dinner started!

We can’t forget about the many delicious desserts, either. Consider baking these grain-free tahini brownies or perhaps these chocolate tahini pumpkin cupcakes or these pumpkin spice tahini cookies!

With Thanksgiving on its way, you can start perfecting your use of sweet potatoes like tahini whipped sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries with a tahini sauce, test a new soup like creamy vegan broccoli soup with tahini cream, or make our favorite tahini apple crumble for dessert.

And we can’t forget football, either! We know how much people enjoy having game day parties at their homes. You can always whip up finger-food like buffalo cauliflower bites with herbed tahini dip and these insanely tasty miso-tahini bourbon chocolate chunk cookies to keep your guests happy.

Your options are limitless as tahini is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Do you have recipes that call for tahini that you make during this time of year? Please send them to me,, or comment them below. We’d love to gain inspiration and delicious ways to use tahini from you! 🙂




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