Introducing Alex!

Welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Alex!

alex headshot

We are so excited to welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Alex, who is Soom Foods’ Director of Operations!

Alex began working at Soom Foods in November 2019 as the Director of Operations. In his role, Alex is responsible for finding efficiencies, improving processes, and interfacing with the human resources, fulfillment, and financial sides of the business. Alex has over 10 years of experience in both non-profit and for-profit organizations helping drive overall growth strategy, redesigning internal processes, and improving both the employee and customer experiences.

He is excited to bring his passion for identifying gaps and implementing solutions across business functions to Soom, and to join a team full of smart, engaged, and motivated people!

Alex loves to spend time with his family and stay active in his time off. You can also find himĀ eating his way across Philadelphia.

We also asked him to share a bit more about her through the following questions:

  • What did you do prior to joining the Soom Crew?
    • Prior to Soom, I worked at Printfly, a leading provider of custom apparel. There, I ran the Customer Care department and helped launch two brands.
  • What drew you to Soom?
    • The team is motivated and a pleasure to work with and the product is healthy. I love the idea of working with great people and delivering a great product that makes others feel good.
  • What are your favorite ways to eat Soom products?
    • Drizzle it on some veggies with some Za’atar spice!
  • What’s one of your favorite restaurants?
    • This is a tough one! I love to eat out. My favorite Philadelphia restaurant, Russet, closed, unfortunately. I have never had a less than delicious meal at Kensington Quarters.
  • What’s your favorite US city to explore (culinarily)?
    • I love beer so this has to be Asheville, NC.
  • What are you most looking forward to while working at Soom?
    • Looking forward to growing with the team–to finding the right questions to ask and answering them!

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