Introducing Priyanka!

Welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Priyanka!

We are so excited to welcome our newest Soom Crew Member, Priyanka, who is Soom Foods’ Director of Finance and Operations! She will be managing our financials and internal support.

Priyanka joined the Soom Crew in July 2018 as the Director of Finance and Operations. Priyanka graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Global Food Security. She returned back to Philly to focus on managing financial and entrepreneurial-related items while at the Common Market, a regional food distributor with a focus on small family farms. She’s always had a passion for food and food culture and loves the opportunity to connect her personal passions for family, entrepreneurship, and of course, food (particularly ethnic-food-gone-mainstream) with her work at Soom.

Priyanka is excited to bring internal support, infrastructure building, and financial management expertise to the team.

During her off time, she enjoys practicing yoga and weight training, traveling to new cities and exploring food cultures, and drinking (French) rosé & red (Californian) wine.

We also asked her to share a bit more about her through the following questions:

  • What did you do prior to joining the Soom Crew?
    • Before working at Soom, I was working at The Common Market! I worked in their finance department.
  • What drew you to Soom?
    • I truly love how it’s a women-owned and sister-owned business.  The food industry has always been an interest of mine, and I’m super excited to gain a whole new perspective on the retail food market!
  • What are your favorite ways to eat Soom tahini and Chocolate Soom?
    • Not going to lie, I love to indulge on the Chocolate Soom just on it’s own! As for the regular tahini, you will always find a fresh batch of hummus made with Soom in my fridge. I’ve started making some yummy tahini dressings, too.
  • What’s one of your favorite restaurants?
    • Being of Indian descent, I really love Asian cuisine. One of my favorite spots to eat right now definitely has to be Sampan or Double Knot in Center City, Philadelphia.
  • What’s your favorite US city to explore (culinarily)?
    • I was out west in Sonoma County, CA (Santa Rosa) and had the best culinary experiences of my life! Everything was fresh, as local as possible and just delicious!
  • What are you most looking forward to while working at Soom?
    • I’m most looking forward to learning new recipes including things I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I’m also looking forward to discovering other ways to use Soom products once I familiarise myself even further. I’m also eager to learn the ins and outs of an entrepreneurial food business.