New Year, New You Recipes

It’s that time of year where we generate a list of things to accomplish during the days to follow. But, unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult sticking to those goals! If a healthier lifestyle is what you’re after, we made it easy for you.

Soom Tahini boasts a wealth of benefits because of the amazing sesame seed! This tiny but mighty seed is considered a superfood by many since it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. The polyunsaturated “good” fats in sesame seeds are the ones we want to include in our diets to promote healthy organ function, especially for our brains. (And who doesn’t need a little extra brainpower especially at the start of the new year?)

We’ve compiled a list of mouth-watering recipes to kick 2021 off right… without giving up the flavors you crave! Within the recipes below, you’ll find delicious ways to eat more veggies, consume less refined sugar, and find healthier alternatives to some of your favorite foods. Let’s dig in.

creamy tahini caesar dressing

Creamy Tahini Caesar

The Tahini Table stole this recipe, that’s how loved it is! If you’re in need of a healthier creamy (Caesar) alternative to the classic without cream or oil, your search has ended. Take your salad, wrap, or sandwich from boring to brilliant with this more nutritious recipe! 

silan and tahini yogurt bowl

Silan & Tahini Yogurt

Breakfast simply doesn’t get any easier. Spoon out some Greek yogurt and top it off with your favorite toppings and drizzle it with Soom Tahini and Soom Silan for a breakfast that will never get old.

silan bbq sauce and chicken wings

Silan BBQ Sauce

Whenever you’re craving luscious, smoky barbecue sauce, consider giving this silan-based sauce a go. No matter what you make, this sweet, sultry, and spicy sauce will take your general BBQ sauce from alright to aweSOOM! Special thanks to the team at Sofra Bakery in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the special sauce we’ve been eating up for the last 3 years.

Loaded Tahini Sweet Potatoes - The Tahini Table

Loaded Tahini Sweet Potatoes

These Loaded Tahini Sweet Potatoes from The Tahini Table are drenched in a tangy, rich tahini sauce and topped with bright tomato chunks and fresh herbs. All you need is one pan for a vegan dish that will wow.

Southwest Salad with Vegan Tahini Ranch - Soom Foods Recipe

Southwest Chopped Salad with Vegan Tahini Ranch

Make salad fun again by bringing Southwest flavors to the party. Our (vegan) Southwest Chopped Salad celebrates color, varied textures, and zesty flavor! Fill it with all of the best mix-ins and toss it in a slightly spicy, bright, and herby vegan tahini ranch. This recipe is not only nutrient-dense but free of cream and dairy!

buckwheat banana tahini pancakes - kid-friendly - soom foods recipes

Buckwheat Tahini Banana Bread Pancakes

These Buckwheat Tahini Banana Bread Pancakes are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, fiber-filled, and family-friendly. Did you know these flapjacks pack a nutritional punch from the buckwheat, tahini, bananas, silan, and walnuts? Talk about staying satisfied in the most wholesome way!

spicy tahini mushroom soup

Wild Mushroom Tahini Sauce

Say goodbye to sugar-loaded pasta sauces. Instead, make a different sauce to top off your whole wheat pasta (or chicken or any other protein of your choosing). Enter our Wild Mushroom Tahini Sauce, which bursts with rich, earthy, and bright flavors as the mushrooms, tahini, vinegar, and lemon zest sing in unison. 

Chocolate Tahini Hot Cocoa

Enjoy one of the most satisfying mugs of hot chocolate without giving up those rich, chocolatey, sweet flavors. Our Chocolate Tahini Hot Cocoa consists of just two ingredients (Chocolate Soom and milk). Customize it to your chocolate preference and top it with marshmallows if you’re feeling fancy.

sweet potato fries with green tahini dip

Sweet Potato Fries & Green Tahini Dip

Rather than choosing deep-fried fries, give our crispy Sweet Potato Fries a try. They’re paired with an herbaceous green tahini dip, adding a boost of flavor and nutrition to this favorite side dish.

Tahini Ranch from the Tahini Table Cookbook_credit Jillian Guyette

Vegan Tahini Ranch

We can assure you, this Vegan Tahini Ranch from The Tahini Table will help you (and your kiddos) get those veggies in! Free of cream, this luscious, thick dressing gets its creaminess from, you guessed it, tahini. It’s even more flavorful than the ranch you find sold on the grocery shelves and a whole lot healthier.

mac and cheese - tahini - soom foods - vegan

Vegan Tahini Mac & “Cheese”

We could all use an excuse to dive into this tasty twist on a gooey comfort food essential. Soom Tahini lends its creamy textures into a velvety smooth dairy-free “cheese” sauce once blended with tender vegetables. After making the sauce, smother warm elbow macaroni (and broccoli) in this luscious, “cheesy” blanket. After, dish it directly into your mouth. Bowl optional.

double chocolate chip tahini banana muffins

Double Chocolate Tahini Banana Muffins

If your cravings run so deep that you need chocolate first thing in the morning, we highly recommend whipping up a batch of these super chocolatey Double Chocolate Tahini Banana Muffins. They’re gluten-free and perfectly tender. They’re filled to the brim with wholesome ingredients including bananas, oats, flax seeds, and tahini, yet they don’t taste as hearty as they are. Honestly, you might even forget they’re (secretly) good for you…

Maple Tahini Granola from The Tahini Table Cookbook

Maple Tahini Granola

Before making this Maple Tahini Granola, we’d always opt for store-bought granola; some of which are loaded with unnecessary sugar. But not anymore — this Maple Tahini Granola from The Tahini Table Cookbook might be the best granola we’ve ever had. All you’ll need are 45 minutes, a handful of wholesome ingredients (no refined sugars!), and you’ll have a delicious breakfast, snack, or dessert the whole family will enjoy.