Our Favorite Uses for Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini

When we’re not eating Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini (or Chocolate Soom) straight from the jar, we’re eating it in simple uses or within baked goods. Continue reading to uncover our favorite uses for Soom Chocolate Tahini, which we believe you’ll enjoy, too!


Chocolate Tahini Babka

Chocolate Tahini Babka

Our Chocolate Tahini Babka is rich and decadent with nutty, chocolate sweet tahini swirls running throughout. This sweet bread pulls apart into delectable, irresistible layers that make for a delicious breakfast or dessert you won’t necessarily want to share with others.


chocolate sweet tahini on toast with bananas

Toast + Chocolate

Skip the hassle of breakfast and toast some hearty bread with a schmear of Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini to create our Chocolate Tahini Toast with Bananas and Chia Seeds. It’s an easy on-the-go breakfast and one that will keep you satisfied until your next snack or meal. Top it off with bananas and chia seeds for a little extra enjoyment. Say goodbye to your peanut butter banana sandwich and hello to our rendition with chocolate tahini!


Chocolate Tahini Pistachio Baklava

Chocolate Tahini Pistachio Baklava

This Chocolate Tahini Pistachio Baklava is flaky, crisp, and tender with chocolatey and nutty notes. Topped with a silan date syrup that lightly softens the dough and adds a touch of depth, this make-ahead dairy-free dessert is basically a party in your mouth!


double chocolate chip tahini banana muffins

Double Chocolate Tahini Banana Muffins

If you’re craving nutty, warm, and SUPER chocolatey muffins, we highly recommend whipping up a batch of these nutrition-packed Double Chocolate Tahini Banana Muffins! They’re gluten-free, perfectly tender, moist, and so chocolatey, you’ll forget they’re actually good for you. The tahini addition creates a delicious nuttiness that counters the sweetness of the chocolate chips and bananas.


chocolate tahini smoothie

Chocolate Tahini Smoothie

Make our Chocolate Tahini Smoothie for an easy or on-the-go breakfast. It’s sweet, chocolatey, slightly nutty, delicious, and nutritious. Basically, it consists of everything you want in a smoothie! For an additional chocolate layer, top the smoothie with a drizzle of Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini.

double chocolate chunk tahini cookies

Double Chocolate Chunk Tahini Cookies

Our Double Chocolate Chunk Tahini Cookies are crispy on the outside, slightly chewy in the middle, and filled with puddles of chocolatey goodness. Made from Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini and semi-sweet chocolate chunks, these cookies celebrate the union of chocolatey, slightly nutty, and sweet flavors. 


yogurt parfait with chocolate tahini drizzle

Chocolate  Yogurt Parfait

A yogurt parfait with a chocolate tahini drizzle is the perfect way to start your day. If you’re short on time, this yogurt parfait comes together in less than 5 minutes.


Chocolate Tahini Cake with Tahini Frosting and Tahini Caramel

Moist Chocolate Tahini Cake with Tahini Frosting and Tahini Caramel

This Chocolate Tahini Cake with Tahini Frosting and Tahini Caramel is a cake you never knew you needed in your life. It’s moist, yet light, and full of rich chocolate-y flavors (thanks to some help from the coffee!). It’s equal parts sweet, nutty, and rich, with just the right amount of chocolate. In addition, it’s layered with a silky tahini buttercream, and topped with a homemade salted tahini caramel sauce. 


waffles with bananas, strawberries, and chocolate sweet tahini

Waffles with Chocolate Drizzle

A drizzle of chocolate sweet tahini is a no-brainer when it comes to elevating your frozen waffles! It’s simple, delicious, and nutritious. And most importantly, it’s both kid and adult-friendly. Top the waffles with your favorite fruit for a breakfast you can resist.


Chocolate Tahini Hot Cocoa

Chocolate Tahini Hot Cocoa

Our Chocolate Tahini Hot Cocoa is a must every winter season! But we still enjoy it when it’s warm out too and we want coziness in a drink.  It’s incredibly easy to make and can be customized to your chocolate preference. Pair our hot chocolate with a mound of mini marshmallows and whipped cream for a warm delight.


chocolate tahini banana bread

Chocolate Tahini Banana Bread

Chocolate makes everything better, right? Soom up your banana bread with Soom Chocolate Tahini and we promise you will be coming back for seconds! We especially love making muffins with this recipe for grab-and-go bites that leave us feeling satiated.