The Positivity Charge!

By: Julie Ozlek  | March 28, 2017

Amy, MaryJo, and I spent our Saturday afternoon at The Positivity Charge, an event focused on three main health areas: build, feel, and body. Sweetgreen demo-d with our tahini in their Hummus Tahina salad, and those who attended that specific workshop raved about the salad.

After the main event and workshops were over, the participants rushed in at once to greet the vendors. During this time, they learned more about the sponsors and products utilized throughout the entirety of the wellness retreat.

An attendee came up to me and described that she gobbled up the Sweetgreen salad. Her friend who joined her was ecstatic that Sweetgreen featured this salad at the workshop! This warmed my heart.

This was my first vendor-event experience, and I loved every second of it. I was able to convey who Soom Foods is and explain tahini, a product that many of the attendees were unfamiliar with. It was super exciting to introduce these individuals to the product and blow their minds (literally) with our chocolate spread. I wish I could have documented their facial expressions after first trying the chocolate spread in particular. Their eyes lit up, chocolatey smiles spread across their joyous faces, and their voices rose in unison. Don’t believe me? Next time I’ll see if I can sneak in a camera… I’d have to get consent first!

I never expected to be the person behind the table explaining a product with as much passion as I was, but there I was doing just that.  Amy and MaryJo, the sales veterans, taught me so much! I can’t wait for the next opportunity to further increase my experience with such.

– Julie