Prepare for the Jewish Holidays with These Recipes

The Jewish High Holidays are just around the corner, and that means coming around the table with our families, stuffing our faces with delicious, traditional meals. Although this year might look a little different, as we might be celebrating with each other virtually, we’re hoping these recipes can provide comfort while elevating those reminiscent meals made by Mom. We compiled a list of some of our favorite Jewish holiday-inspired recipes that will complete your holiday menu! Psst. These recipes are also perfect to serve throughout the fall season. Lets prepare for the Jewish Holidays together with these recipes!

the best hummus ever recipe

The Best Hummus

No spread these days, especially one centered around the Jewish holidays, is complete without hummus. Our hummus, not to brag, is one of the best hummus we’ve ever had. And we’ve had our share of some of the best hummus in the States. For homemade hummus, this recipe is pretty spot on. If you’re looking for an all-star dip to satisfy those hummus cravings while schmearing some on your round challahs, you’ve got to give this recipe a go. It uses our tips and tricks for the best hummus. So as long as you follow these, you can achieve this creamy, fluffy dip that is perfectly balanced in flavor and texture. If you’re looking to change up the type of hummus you serve this year, give these non-traditional hummus flavors a try.

Tahini Goddess Dressing

Tahini Goddess Dressing

Have you ever bought a sauce or dressing that you could just add to every meal? This perfectly light and creamy tahini goddess dressing can be coupled with just about anything your heart desires, and is perfect for any occasion. We like to think of this vegan and dairy-free dressing as minimum effort, maximum reward. It makes for a punchy and herbaceous coating to your favorite holiday-inspired salads and side dishes.


tahini carrot soup

Carrot Tahini Soup with Za’atar Challah Croutons

This carrot tahini soup with za’atar challah croutons and lemon garlic tahini drizzle is incredibly flavorful with the perfect balance of spice and heat. We’re obsessed with the extra dimension the tahini sauce brings to the soup and the texture, crunch, and Mediterranean vibe the challah croutons (and crispy chickpeas!) give it. This recipe makes for a delicious, comforting, and warm welcome to the Jewish New Year and autumn season.


Tahini Butternut Squash Soup

Tahini Butternut Squash Soup

Have you considered passing on making chicken soup with matzo balls this Rosh Hashanah? If not, maybe our butternut squash soup will convince you otherwise! This (vegan) soup captures the essence of the fall season with every spoonful. Packed with Vitamins A & C, potassium, and fiber, this squash soup will keep your satisfaction level up. We recommend topping this soup with sesame or even pumpkin seeds to keep with the seasons.


Vegetarian Chickpea and Sweet Potato Stew

Vegetarian Chickpea & Sweet Potato Stew

This Moroccan-inspired Vegetarian Chickpea & Sweet Potato Stew should be one of the main components of your Rosh Hashanah menu. Not only is this an easy plant-based side dish or main that requires little prep work, but it’s a meal that’s incredibly flavorful and will add beautiful warmth to your High Holidays. Loaded with savory and sweet aromatic spices, nutritious veggies, and subtle richness thanks to tahini, this stew highlights its North African origin. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and an optional Greek yogurt drizzle to add bright and light notes to cut through this deep, savory Moroccan-inspired stew! Pro-tip: serve with toasted naan with flaky sea salt.


Silan Glazed Roasted Carrots and Parsnips with Goat Cheese

Spiced & Roasted Carrots and Parsnips with Silan Drizzle

Think of this dish as a substitute for the traditional tzimmes. If you’re not familiar with this Ashkenazi Jewish dish, it’s a sweet stew typically made from carrots, dried fruits such like prunes or raisins, and is often combined with other root vegetables. Our recipe is a spin on this traditional side dish, with carrots and parsnips roasted in olive oil, drizzled with a hefty serving of silan date syrup, and optionally topped off with a sprinkle of goat cheese.


Honey and Tahini Glazed Potatoes

Honey & Tahini Glazed Potatoes

Seeking a fresh take for your potato dishes for the High Holidays? Look no further. With so many different ways to prepare, potatoes allow you to create your own adventure. Elevate your potato dish with a honey and tahini glaze for a flavorful and innovative side dish that pairs perfectly with any savory protein. We love this recipe because it’s quick and simple, allowing you to keep your focus on the more complex recipes, and desserts.


Dairy-Free Apple Tahini Torte

Dairy-Free Apple Tahini Torte

Whether you celebrate the Jewish holidays or are looking for an excuse to get your baking gear out, this easy dairy-free apple tahini torte is going to set the tone for baking this fall. The dessert’s texture is perfectly chewy with an ideal sweet to salty ratio. Top it with your favorite fall fruits (like pears or plums), or make it simply with apples like we did. No matter which fruits you add to it, it comes out delicious every time and will please all guests and family members.


adeena sussman chewy tahini blondies

Chewy Tahini Blondies

These Chewy Tahini Blondies from Adeena Sussman’s celebrated Sababa cookbook are everything you could want in a blondie. They’re chewy, nutty, and perfectly sweet. We’ve tried resisting the urge to eat the whole pan in one sitting, but rarely succeeded. Your guests this holiday season won’t be able to resist the temptation either. In case there are leftover, we’ll let you in on a secret. These brownies freeze super well so you can alway have dessert just an arm’s reach away…


banana bread with tahini and silan

Silan & Tahini Banana Bread

While this recipe isn’t a honey loaf cake, it excites the taste buds as a honey cake does! This recipe comes together in minutes and really pleases the palate. This bread is full of layered flavors from the sweet bananas, the richness of silan, and the depth of tahini. Plus, it is super moist! Add an additional dash of pumpkin spice or cinnamon to complete the fall and festive vibe you may be craving. Feel free to make this into a cake. Pour it into a 9×13 dish or tin and bake at 325F for 35-45 minutes. 


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