Make our Holiday Cheese Board for your winter festivities! Soom products – whether it’s our silan, tahini, or chocolate sweet tahini – are delicious components of cheeseboards. This season, learn about the different cheese pairings with our products.

Silan is a versatile and extremely delicious complement to cheese! From a range of cheeses we’ve paired with Soom Silan, we’ve noticed that almost every single cheese tastes excellent with our date syrup. Some of our favorites include Chevre, Brie, Smoked Cow Gouda, Goat Gouda, Cheddar, Romano, Burrata, and Labne.

Soom Tahini makes a great addition to specific cheeses. This includes Garlic Cheddar and Romano varieties. Pair it with a hearty slice of multigrain artisanal bread for a delightful bite.

Believe it or not, our chocolate sweet tahini pairs beautifully with certain cheeses. We enjoy various Blue Cheeses and Graddot (Butter Cheese) with our chocolate tahini.


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