So Simple. So Soom.

By: Shelby  |  September 21, 2016

People often ask me, “what is your favorite recipe with tahini”? and I stumble to answer because, admittedly, I am not a follow-the-recipe-type of cook.  I love collecting cookbooks and I love gathering recipes. My entire Instagram and Facebook feeds these days are filled almost exclusively with recipes (and pictures of babies. And the Fat Jewish…)

But when it comes time to prep lunch for Malcolm or dinner for our family of three, I typically rely on the ingredients available in my pantry & fridge to inspire the dish.  If I spot Hoisin Sauce and Broccoli, it’s time for an Asian stir-fry.  If Olives and Capers catch my eye, dinner will be an Italian-inspired pasta dish.  I like making simple dishes without too many steps to follow.

This is why I love tahini.  Because it is so easy to incorporate into any dish!

Our Mom, (aka “Mama Soom”) has been encouraging us to use the tagline “So Simple, So Soom” for about two years now.  One of these days we will roll out the campaign, and in the meantime, it is a perfect title for my first blog post.

My favorite recipes to make with tahini are easy, often substituting tahini for other ingredients.  For instance, mashed sweet potatoes with tahini instead of butter is delicious!  Instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly, I make Malcolm Tahini and Honey Sandwiches for lunch.  And a banana smoothie with tahini, milk and dates is another one of Malcolm’s favorite breakfasts.  Especially because Malcolm’s daycare is nut-free, tahini is an a delicious way to get him calcium, iron and protein without relying upon other nut-butters.

I mix a few tablespoons of tahini into oatmeal – Malcolm gobbles that up in the morning!  And I’m loving these easy tahini oat cakes for another breakfast option.

What are your favorite recipes to make with tahini?  Please feel free to share your “So Simple, So Soom” recipes with us @soomfoods on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!  I will pay special attention to those that are 10 steps or less!


Shelby, aka the Brain