Cooking with the Soom Crew: Buffalo Cauliflower & Pizza

By: Julie Ozlek  |  July 13, 2017

It’s been quite a few weeks since we’ve been able to do our Soom Crew lunches. Between Shelby’s maternity leave to MaryJo’s travels, we’ve taken a nice break to regroup at the office. We also decided that since we have our interns in on Thursdays and would prefer to enjoy any leftovers on Fridays, that we switch these team lunches to Thursdays.

This week, Amy volunteered to be in charge of the kitchen crew again. I mean, she is the acting-CEO so it only makes sense she take this “challenge” up, also!

MaryJo and Amy got a quick start to one of the two cauliflower dishes we made today: Andrea Bemis‘s Roasted Cauliflower & Za’atar Pizza. By the time I stepped foot into the kitchen, the raw red onions were already sliced (and the cauliflower chopped). The sharp odor of raw onions had permeated the kitchen, so I hurried out before my eyes surrendered to the tear-inducing agony red onions cause.

By now, y’all should know I’m the most dramatic when it comes to cooking (not baking though!).

As I dashed from the kitchen, I saw the dynamic duo working on the other dish, Andrea Bemis’s Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. MaryJo was shocked that almond milk was used because she’s used to enjoying “non-vegan” buffalo dip, complete with whopping spoonfuls of cream, sour cream, and chicken. The next time I made my way into the kitchen, I found Emil and Arthur, our French intern (how cool!!!) collaborating on both dishes, and I found there was no room for me to help. Bummer. Whatever, I’d rather eat the food, anyways!

When we sat down to eat, the pizzas (we made one vegan and one with cheese) looked beautiful, and the cauliflower bites had a brilliant orange color. Let’s discuss the pizza: WOW. The robust and sweet flavor (thanks to the honey) leaves you wanting more. Literally. I don’t think we made enough because by all of the “mmms” floating around the room, it sounded like we could’ve eaten fifths and sixths… The depth of flavor throughout the crumbly pita crust, the smooth tahini sauce, cooked onions drowned in za’atar, and the browned cheese was *kiss your fingers* perfect!

Don’t get me wrong, the buffalo cauliflower bites were delicious, too, and a great side dish to the cauliflower pizza. Does anyone else enjoy dipping their pizza into some type of salad dressing, like ranch? The herbed tahini dip that accompanied the buffalo bites was not only a great component to that dish, but it was also a lovely substitute to the ranch dressing that I was longing for while scarfing down the pizza.

What a wonderful Soom Crew Food Lunch, so thank you, Amy (and MaryJo, Emil, and Arthur).

All my love,