Cooking with the Soom Crew: Vegan Mac & Cheese

Today, MaryJo was in charge of the kitchen, and she surprised us with something that I never would have thought about eating in my entire life. Boy, am I glad she introduced me to this!

Since it was her turn to create this Friday’s meal for our Cooking with the Soom Crew series, she wanted to concoct a Vegan Mac & Cheese.  We topped it with crunchy vegan bacon bits and other toppings, alongside our Cucumber Salad. What an interesting combo, don’t ya think? The two paired very well and it was great to add a fresh component to the meal. (Sorry it’s not pictured below.)

I ran around the kitchen probably distracting the team with my need for photographing each step of the prep. During this time, I also created Instagram Story updates for Philly Farm + Food Fest’s Instagram (thank you SO much for the wonderful opportunity), as well as our own Instagram. We filmed quite a few Boomerangs this time around to capture the fun of this activity. If you haven’t utilized that Instagram application yet, I highly recommend it. It’s 10/10 fun, and Amy thinks so, too.

After everything was prepared and ready to go, we finally dove in. I need to preface this with “OMG” because that was my instant reaction after trying this! Not going to lie, I was extremely nervous to try this because NO WAY is it possible to replicate Mac & Cheese. I was clearly proven wrong.

This Vegan Mac & Cheese was adapted from the Gluten Free + More Magazine. It had a brilliant, creamy and cheesy flavor because of the nutritional yeast component and a hint of smokiness from cayenne pepper. Let’s take a moment of silence and just admire the spot-on texture and color from afar. WOW. Besides MaryJo, who has made this dish time and time again, we are all SO impressed by the exact texture that makes mac and cheese, mac and cheese.

We highly recommend giving this recipe a go – and if you make any adaptions, let us know! Don’t forget to tag us on social media (@SoomFoods) if you do choose to make this! 🙂

All my love,