Soom Tahini: Your New Favorite Pantry Staple

If you’re unfamiliar with tahini, it’s a seed butter made entirely from roasted and pressed sesame seeds… that’s it!

But what sets tahini apart from other seed and nut butters is its complex, but welcoming flavor profile, enriching the taste and texture of unlimited recipes. Tahini is naturally nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, and keto – a delicious fit for any need! And before we fail to mention it, tahini is a seed-powdered superfood including plant-based protein, calcium, and iron.

Soom Tahini standouts because of its silky-smooth texture and deep-but-delicate flavor that is lauded in savory and sweet recipes.

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Get your hands on Soom Tahini and experience its silky-smooth texture and mouth-watering nuttiness for yourself.

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The secret is in the seeds

You can’t make the best tahini without the best sesame seeds! Starting with top-quality ingredients is what makes Soom stand out from the rest. For our tahini, we source sesame seeds from Humera, a town in the northwestern Tigray region of Ethiopia. The soil and weather conditions in this area are perfect for producing plump seeds with a nutty flavor and a mild bitterness… exactly how tahini should taste!

Velvety smooth, and oh so creamy!

Tahini should be silky, not solid. Soom Tahini’s velvety-smooth texture is second to none. Its quick-mix consistency makes it easy to re-blend and ready to add depth to any dish. Name a tahini that you’ve tried in the past that’s as smooth and creamy as Soom. We’ll wait.

What experts have to say

Soom is revolutionizing the tehina business in America.  The norm in the U.S. had been tahini that was bitter and brown, and made from too many ingredients.  It was a product no one wanted to use.  And then there was Soom – a family and women-owned business that started offering tehina made from single-sourced Ethiopian White Humera seeds.  Their seeds were buttery and rich and complex, just killer ” —Michael Solomonov, award-winning Chef, Cookbook Author, and Co-Owner of Zahav

Soom is our preferred tahini and we love that we can always rely on the consistency. We prefer Soom because it’s texture is creamy and silky with no chalky or overly bitter qualities. It will make you want to make everything with tahini.” —Ana Sortun, award-winning Chef, Cookbook Author, and Owner of Oleana Group 

I came to appreciate the versatility of tahini in sweets even before it was popular.  When we were introduced to Soom, I became even more inspired to do so.” —Chef Maura Kilpatrick, Owner and Executive Pastry Chef of Sofra Bakery (Cambridge, MA)

“Tahini is your new ketchup…it deserves a spot on your coveted condiment shelf. The Tahini Table will help guide you through its endless possibilities with delicious recipes that will become staples in your culinary arsenal.” —Chef Alon Shaya, Founder of Pomegranate Hospitality and Owner of Saba (New Orleans) and Safta (Denver)

It’s so silky-smooth that you never have to stir. For lazy tahini fiends like me, that means I’m cooking and baking with tahini more often. And since Soom is so delicious—nutty, earthy, and just the right level of bitter—it also makes what I’m cooking taste just plain better.” —Sarah Jampel, Editor at Bon Appetit

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