Cooking with the Soom Crew: Spicy Sesame Noodles

By: Julie Ozlek  | June 2, 2017

Hello Soomies!

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about our Soom Crew Lunches! I just graduated from Temple University. It is extremely kind of the Soom Sisters to let me have a few weeks off before diving into adulthood and the workforce. (Big shoutout and thank you to them.)

On my first day back, MaryJo had suggested we make a “Spicy Sesame Noodle” dish that her friend created. I’m always all about pasta and I clearly love sesame (or I’d hope so considering I’m working for Soom Foods!!). So, of course I was totally intrigued and definitely happy to be one of the guinea pigs of this newly created recipe.

I’m not the biggest cook (though I’m very comfortable in the kitchen if you know what I mean), so I generally allow my teammates prepare and cook. While they do that, I try and photograph, Instagram, and Boomerang from afar. I think they’re okay with it.

Today, I stepped into the kitchen while Emil was boiling some incredible whole wheat pasta while whipping up the aromatic sesame sauce. While he was doing that, MaryJo was chopping up the herbs and salad to go along with the dish.

When we finally sat down to enjoy, Emil took a HUGE mouthful of the sesame sauce that the noodles soaked up and let out this huge “MMMMMM”. You could probably hear from a mile away so you know it had to be good. Every. Single. Bite. was accompanied by Emil’s famous compilation of “mmm’s.”

This dish embraced robust, flavorful, textural, and hot flares while allowing each of the elements and their characteristics to come through with their natural flavors. The toasted sesame oil allowed for a roasted and mellow flavor, the tahini elevated the dish with its smooth and nutty flavor, the cilantro added almost a sharpness and fresh element, the garlic added some spice, the scallions added crunch, and the hot sauce added that little kick that really tied everything together. Best part about it? How EASY and quick it was to make (and inhale…).

In all seriousness, we highly recommend making this dish, especially if you’re looking for a new way to top your pasta.

All my love,