What Makes Soom Tahini so Irresistible?

What is tahini, anyway?

If you’re unfamiliar with tahini, it’s a seed butter made entirely from roasted and pressed sesame seeds… that’s it! But what sets tahini apart from other seed and nut butters is its complex, but welcoming flavor profile, enriching the taste and texture of unlimited recipes, ranging from sweet to savory. Tahini is naturally nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, and keto – a delicious fit for any need! And before we fail to mention it, tahini is a seed-powdered superfood including plant-based protein, calcium, and iron.

But what sets Soom Tahini apart from other tahini is twofold: it’s silky-smooth texture and deep-but-delicate flavor.

Velvety smooth and oh, so creamy!

Tahini should be silky, not solid. Soom Tahini’s velvety-smooth texture is second to none. Its quick-mix consistency makes it easy to reblend and ready to add depth to any dish. Name a tahini that you’ve tried in the past that’s as smooth and creamy as Soom. We’ll wait.

sesame seed farm in Humera, Ethiopia

The Secret is in the Seeds

You can’t make the best tahini without the best sesame seeds! Starting with top quality ingredients is what makes Soom stand out from the rest. For our tahini, we source sesame seeds from Humera, a town in the northwestern Tigray region of Ethiopia. The soil and weather conditions in this area are perfect for producing plump seeds with a nutty flavor and a mild bitterness… exactly how tahini should taste!

At harvest time, sesame stalks are hand-cut and vigorously shaken to release the seeds from their pods before being sent to Israel to be pressed in rich, buttery Soom Tahini.

soom tahini texture and consistency

The new kitchen staple for any food lover

Whether you’re a home cook looking to add flare and plant-powered nutrition to your family’s meals, or a pro committed to layering your dishes with deep, rich flavor, Soom Tahini deserves a place in every food lover’s pantry.

Don’t take it from us — see what press publications like Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, The New York Times, and The Kitchn has to say about Soom Tahini and its delicious, nutritious, and versatile traits!