The Sweeter Side of Soom Foods

The Soom Sisters decided to capture the essence of halva in a spreadable form and jar it. And thus, the Sweeter Side of Soom Foods came to be.

When you hear the word “chocolate,” what images pop into your mind? Boxes of confections? Ice cream? Molten lava cake?

What about halva?

Halva originates from the Arabic language and culture; the root of its word means “sweet.” It is a confection made of tahini mixed with sugar and flavors. Its origin runs deep in many cultures.

When I tasted halva for the first time, that first bite was pure joy. Sesame, vanilla, chocolate, tahini, and sugar… they all converged into a flaky, rich crumbly confection. It proceeded to melt into a creamy smoothness that I couldn’t get enough of. Neither could the Soom Sisters! They decided to capture the essence of halva in a spreadable form and jar it. And so, Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini was born.

Chefs across the country have already found unique and delicious ways to use Chocolate Soom. This includes on cheese boards, in banana bread, as ice cream toppings, in milkshakes, and even in a tahini mole sauce! It’s been a great menu addition in trendy cafes, wine bars, and bakeries everywhere.

To top it off (pun intended), it’s made from only three simple ingredients: Soom Tahini, powdered pure cane sugar, and cocoa powder. Not to mention, it’s vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. Lastly, it contains less than half of the sugar of other chocolate spreads on the market! It’s on its way to becoming the preferred chocolate spread in the American market.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Sweeter Side of Soom Foods. It’s only just begun!


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