Vegans, let me introduce you to your (gustatory) soul mate.

By: Alison Stewart  |  July 7, 2017

According to the dubious emotional guidance of, your heart belongs to the first person you think of upon waking up and staggering out of bed each morning.

Well, Pinterest, I guess I’m the property of nut and seed butters.

By the time I’ve smacked my alarm into silence, my thoughts have already meandered to whatever nut or seed butter I hope to smear on an English muffin, swirl into oatmeal, or heap on a sliced banana. And when I say I’m eating cereal, I usually end up piling a bowl full of cashews and walnuts and devouring those gems of nourishing, plant-based fat with a spoon. (Who says cereal requires, you know, actual cereal?)

Then again, I guess my love of all things rich in plant-based proteins does make sense. I am a vegan, and nut and seed butters— such as tahini— do (nutritionally) complete me.

As a high school sophomore and novice vegan, brown bagging my school lunches meant grabbing the sack of bagels from the counter as I scrambled out the door. At home, my early ventures into vegan cuisine usually revolved around bowls of oatmeal, brimming with 27 grams of carbs and a mere 4 percent my daily fat requirement. No wonder my discovery of tahini— lush with plant-powered fat and abounding in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids— revived my lusterless hair and nails, enabled some much-needed weight gain, and enhanced my overall sense of wellbeing.

According to, vegans might struggle to integrate iron, protein, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, and Omega-3’s into their long-term diet. Fortunately, tahini boasts a full four of these six elusive nutrients, providing 10 percent your daily iron, 6 percent your daily calcium, 135 milligrams Omega 3’s, 7 grams protein, and 14.5 grams nail-strengthening, hair-glossing and brain-fueling unsaturated fat per two tablespoons. Not to mention a velveteen texture verging on rapturous and all-natural, single-sourced joy you can spoon over (soy) ice cream. Vegans, let me introduce you to your (gustatory) soul mate.

Now, a question for the 19 million non-vegan Americans gagging down a combined 6 billion Omega-3 pills annually: Doesn’t a swirl of tahini in your oatmeal or a smear of nutty, roasty decadence on your turkey— or veggie— sandwich sound a whole lot better than cod oil?

While not interning at Soom Foods, Alison double-majors in writing and animal conservation at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont. A vegan of just about three years, Alison adores nut and seed butters generally and Soom tahini in particular. Her moments of greatest happiness typically involve garlic-tahini-tomato sandwiches or unicycling through the park.