Ways to Spend Time Together, Without Spending Time Together

During this social distancing measure, we’ve been finding ways to spend time together, without spending time together. We’ve enacted daily video messaging meetings to come together as one to share what’s going on in both our personal and professional lives. And while at home, we’ve been finding ways to practice movement and share quality time with our loved ones. Some members of the Soom Crew share below what they’ve been doing to keep busy apart from working remotely. We hope our containment efforts can inspire yours.


olivia and ej


I’ve been working remotely for Soom for close to two years now while living in Kansas City. Being accustomed to remote work has hugely helped in transitioning to more time indoors! During this time, I’ve been prioritizing time with my family. First thing in the morning, I practice yoga and stretching with my four-month-old daughter while she has tummy time. I’ve also prioritized daily walks around the neighbourhood with my husband, daughter, and crotchety old pup to stay active. At night, I’m dedicating time to check in with friends, like frequenting online games with friends over Zoom like Quiplash! If you haven’t tried this yet, I highly recommend giving it a go. It’s super entertaining and a way to make light of the current situation. In addition, my husband and I have purchased a cocktail kit from one of my favourite local bars to help support the restaurant industry in KC that we’ve enjoyed experimenting with. Once my daughter goes to sleep, I’ve been reading some books by the fire or sharing a few laughs with my husband over a cup of wine to keep in good spirits. 



Darren (my husband) and I feel lucky to be healthy and comfortable in our home! We’ve created a schedule for Henry (who’s almost 2 now!), blocking out each hour with activities to get us through the day. Lucky for us, he still takes a 2+ hour nap in the early afternoon. We’re switching on and off being with Henry and doing our work. At 5pm we come together to exercise and go for a walk around the block, weather permitting. After Henry is asleep we’re finishing up work and scheduling video conferences with friends to catch up and spend time with others – a welcome and surprising silver lining in all of this has been the outreach with people we’re usually “too busy” to see or talk to.




I’m making sure to stay busy at home rather than spending all day in my pajamas watching Netflix. Instead, I’m working remotely from home in 1-2 hour chunks. In between, I’ve been working diligently on schoolwork, weight lifting, tidying the house, and cooking. Most importantly, I’ve been making extra time to play and take extra long walks with my dog, Lucy! Lucy has enjoyed the extra time spent with her dad during social distancing so far with lots of hikes, cuddles, and even walking to a new park!




There’s nothing like being in the house I grew up in down the shore and surrounded by my family.  While trying to cope with the current situation we’re in, in the morning, I’ve been either going for a brisk walk or taking a relaxing bike ride on the AC boardwalk. I’m really trying to take the time to be grateful for both my health and the time to be at one with nature. Throughout the day, I’ve been taking breaks from work to play the piano or play 500 rummy with my mom. After helping cook a beautiful meal for dinner, checking in with my friends via text, a phone call, or a FaceTime, and decompressing with a little bit of TV (like Glow Up on Netflix) or watching YouTube; I’ve been shutting my phone off so I can lounge on my bed, without any distractions, with a light-hearted book. I’m currently in the midst of two, actually — both Presence by Abby Cuddy (a book that I believe is super valuable given the point that we’re in) and 29 Dates by Melissa de la Cruz.


jackie's kids doing yoga


In Israel, we are now in seclusion mode. Meaning, we only leave the house if it is absolutely necessary. Being home with Liel and Eve (ages 5 and 2 and a half) has not been easy, but it has allowed us to try new things that we usually don’t have time for.  We have a pretty typical routine that we follow. First, the girls wake up. Then we make pancakes from scratch (most of which is usually saved for Shabbat mornings). Next, they do yoga for kids on YouTube (Cosmic Kids Yoga). We’ve also been “swimming” in the bathtub and doing and arts and crafts! 

Living on a Moshav we are usually always outside with our friends or over friends’ houses or have people over, so this has been particularly difficult.  We will get through it though. We’ve constantly been reminding ourselves to take it one day at a time! We are very thankful for the resources that we have through both the Internet or TV, and the fact that most grocery stores deliver here. Stay safe everyone. 


Wishing you positive and comforting thoughts during this time.

– The Soom Crew