Halloween is NOT Only for Kids

Left to Right: Jackie, Shelby, Amy

Although Halloween is typically a favorite past-time enjoyed by children, this holiday isn’t limited to young kids – adults can partake in it, too!

As the youngest member of the Soom Crew, celebrating Halloween out of college for the first time in four years will be different to say the least. Rather than going out to parties around different college towns, I decided it would be a great opportunity to invite some friends over, dress up, and offer incredibly delicious treats while playing board games. Although it’s very old school, it’s one of my favorite past-times – minus the dressing up part…

Mamaleh’s Tahini Cookies

This year, I plan on serving veggies with hummus. Why something savory when it’s Halloween?! Well, first of all, who doesn’t love hummus? And second, I’m thinking of adding some carrots into it to give it an orange-effect, perfect for fall and especially Halloween. I won’t be light-handed when it comes to “treats,” though. Of course I’ll be offering candy, and I will definitely include Mamaleh’s Tahini Cookies and Tahini Brownies.

Another idea is perhaps to serve an Tahini Apple Crumble (maybe with Chocolate Soom, too)!

Since Shelby is a mother of (now) two, I was curious to see what her plans were come this Halloween. “I am celebrating with my kids – Julius, who is almost 4 months old, will be a pumpkin, and Malcolm, who is 2 and a half, will be a skeleton.  We’ll walk around our neighborhood in Center City Philadelphia, collecting (monitoring!) candy and running around with other kids.  We might also go to a ‘pumpkin hunt’ in one of our many neighborhood parks.” How fun!

Our question to you – how do you plan on celebrating Halloween this year? Do you wish to include Soom in your Halloween party? If so, make sure to purchase Soom over on our shop page.

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