Why People Prefer Soom Tahini to Other Tahini Available in America

We get the question all the time – what sets Soom Tahini apart from other tahini you can buy in the United States? What is it about Soom Tahini that makes it a high-quality tahini? Why do people prefer Soom Tahini to other tahini available in America? Two answers: sourcing and texture.



First and foremost, it’s all about the sourcing. We source our sesame seeds from the northern Humera region of Ethiopia. These White Humera sesame seeds have a nutty flavor profile with a high meat to oil ratio, making for a well-rounded and meaty seed. The seed’s flavor is mildly bitter in the best possible way.

The roasting process also affects the flavor of the seeds. Once the sesame seeds are roasted to our standards and pressed into a paste (when tahini becomes tahini), the nuttiness and faint bitterness of these seeds lend itself to a delicious creaminess. This creaminess translates super well in an array of applications and dishes. These include globally-inspired meals or traditional baked goods.

soom tahini texture and consistency


Besides the nutty flavor and faint bitterness, Soom Tahini’s texture is second to none. It’s super silky and smooth with little oil separation – just the way high-quality tahini should be. While oil separation is completely natural, our tahini requires little to no shaking or stirring to emulsify the product. This is unlike other tahini on the market that requires more effort, time, (and sometimes strength!) to blend the sesame paste and oil.

Our tahini’s flavor & texture make it an ingredient that at-home cooks and professional chefs want to use in their savory and sweet creations.

Below, you can find what some of our customers on Amazon have to say about the delicious and versatile qualities of Soom tahini:

“I have never in my life tasted such incredible tahini. This is incredibly light, compared to the brick mortar sold by store brands that settle and is like cement. (I’m talking to you, WF). We had this at Zahav in Philadelphia and we’ll never use another brand. Thank you, Soom sisters!”

“This is absolutely *phenomenal* tahini. Every other type of tahini I have ever tried was either bitter, or was a congealed hunk of cement-like pureed sesame seeds topped with a bunch of oil, or both. Usually both. Soom is delicious–so mellow, not a trace of bitterness, and the tahini is perfectly mixed and did not separate. The quality of the sesame seeds makes the difference. I made hummus with it, following the recipe from “Zahav: a world of Israeli cooking” by Michael Solomonov. Granted, the recipe is terrific, but I have NEVER had hummus turn out as well as this–perfectly smooth and a perfect balance of flavors, without an atom of bitterness. Much of the success is due to this tahini, and you better believe I am going to continue buying it. It’s a wonderful product.”

“Soom is superior to anything else I’ve tasted; it’s rich, smooth-bodied, pure deliciousness, and it has that distinct, nutty flavor of sesame to it, unlike many other brands I’ve tried. I find that just about every common supermarket option for tahini tasted too Americanized; they were often thick, somewhat sweet, and too dark, resembling some kind of toasted peanut butter. Soom has none of those issues; this is the real deal. It has strong commendations, too; Michael Solomonov (chef and author of Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking, who’s a master of hummus) is a big fan of it, and it’s apparently used by many top US restaurants. After tasting it, I can certainly understand why!”

“Soom is a light cream-colored tahini and is one of the smoothest-tasting available. It is best used in recipes where its pure flavor can shine through. There is no bitterness in this product as you often find in supermarket brands. I like to use it mostly in its raw form, i.e., in hummus, baba ganoush, and for tahini sauce, as well as just drizzling straight. For top-quality Ethiopian sesame seed tahini, this is the best deal on the market. You can spend more, but you don’t really gain much in terms of quality if you gain at all.”

Thinking you need to purchase more Soom Tahini after reading this? We don’t blame you. Check out all of our products here.