Why These Moms Feed Soom To Their Kids

As three moms ourselves, we always feed Soom to our kids. This is because not only do we believe our products are delicious, but they’re so nutritious! Plus, there are so many ways we incorporate Soom into what we feed them. Sidebar: the best is when Julius, Shelby’s two-year-old son, asks for “lan” (Soom Silan) every morning. He loves it topped on his oatmeal and waffles and in a tahini and silan sandwich. 

Although we talk about how we add Soom into our family meals all the time, we wanted to get some other parents involved. Continue reading to learn why and how other moms feed Soom to their kids!

Jess B., Mom of 3 

“Tahini is an incredible way to sneak nutrients into foods for my kids (and me, if I’m being honest!) – especially calcium. I love making chocolate chip cookies using tahini as the fat – they always turn out amazingly soft and I swear that tahini makes the texture 100%.”

Nicole M., Mom of 2

“I have my whole family hooked on Soom Foods tahini – from the drippy consistency to the mild tahini taste, even my little boys, ages 2 and 4, are big tahini fans! One of our favorite activities to do together is make my Life Changing Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies, otherwise known on my Instagram as #LCCCTC!”

Lillian, Mom of 1 

“Mackenzie loves tahini, especially on rice cakes, yogurt and waffles! I love sneaking in vitamins, minerals, and protein that fuel her non-stop running, jumping and exploring as she enters her “terrible” twos.”

Adina F., Mom of 2

“I give my older son, Elliot, Soom Tahini all the time. He’s almost two, so dipping foods is super exciting for him right now! He loves to dip cucumbers or pepper strips in Soom and tell me, “dip dip.” I am always trying to expose him to variety in flavor, texture, and appearance, so tahini makes a regular appearance on his plate for that reason, too.”

Amy B., Mom of 1

“My daughter (21 months) can’t get enough Soom Tahini. I’ll give it to her on banana or toast but when she sees the jar she just wants to eat it directly with a spoon! I don’t mind though since I know it’s healthy and helping her grow.” 

Christine H., Mom of 1

“We give Rosie, who’s 2 years old, Soom – both tahini and silan syrup. We have found one of the best ways to sneak veggies into her diet is via smoothies – and we use Soom tahini to add fat and protein, while thickening it up. I’ll then add a touch of Soom Silan syrup to naturally sweeten the smoothie. Win win all around :)”

Ayle K., Mom of 3

“My kids (3 boys ages 5, 4, and 15 months) have been eating Tehini (specifically Soom) from the age of 4 months. It is such a nutritional, delicious and easily disguised addition to any meal. I give it straight up, mix it into yogurt, add it to peanut butter, add it to baby soups and bake with it. Tehini is an absolute must in our kitchen! We love Soom and all that it adds to our diet.”

Leigh G., Mom of 2

“I am always conscious of what my girls (ages 3 years old and 9 months) eat. I strive to feed them food that has both minimal and natural ingredients. They both LOVE Soom Tahini. I love that I can make them a tahini and honey sandwich and send it to school since it is allergen-free. When my 3-year-old was younger, she would only eat her oatmeal if it had chocolate Soom tahini mixed in. Soom Tahini is a staple in our house.”

Kate D., Mom of 1

“We chose Soom as one our daughter’s first foods, because we add Soom to everything and we wanted her to be exposed to sesame early on. Soom is so creamy, so it was really easy to add to her oatmeal cereal. She couldn’t get enough of it!” 

Feeling inspired but want to learn additional reasons why to feed your kids nutritious snacks that include Soom? Read this blog! For recipe ideas, visit this blog post or check out this recipe category. We’d love to hear how you feed Soom to your children!

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