Why We Feed Soom to Our Kids

Feeding quality ingredients to our children is extremely important to us. We want to feed them whole foods, but especially those loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. That’s why we feed Soom to our kids as part of their daily diets. (Because our products are natural, delicious, nutritious, and so versatile!).

Tahini is Loaded with Nutritional Benefits

vegan creamy tahini mac and cheese

All of our products are dairy-free, gluten-free, oil-free, vegan, and kosher, fitting so many dietary preferences. Did you know tahini packs a nutritional punch in every serving?! It contains plant-based calcium, protein, and iron. These are micronutrients kids don’t eat enough or can only gain from eating leafy green vegetables or meats. Tahini is also packed with nutrients including zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, and manganese. Lastly, it’s full of B vitamins! Learn more about the nutritional makeup of tahini.

Since not all children eat leafy greens, lots of protein, or fibrous foods, you can easily sneak tahini into so many meals! For instance, our Berry Tahini Smoothie or Chocolate Tahini Smoothie are great breakfast options. But what’s even better than those two options? Try our Double Chocolate Tahini Banana Muffins! Just whizz everything in a blender and you’re good to go. You can also feed your kids Vegan Mac & Cheese for dinner, Tahini and Silan Banana Bread and Tahini Brownies for dessert


Silan Date Syrup is Chockfull of Nutrition, too!

tahini and silan yogurt bowl

Similarly to tahini, silan is packed with nutritional benefits! Dates, the only ingredient in silan, are full of essential minerals. These include magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, and iron, among many others. Plus, they’re loaded with vitamins A, B, C, and D and soluble fiber. Read more about the silan nutritional benefits.  

You can easily add Soom Silan to children’s diets! You can do this by swapping it for maple syrup on top of pancakes, waffles, or french toast. We also suggest adding silan to a yogurt bowl with your children’s favorite fruits, nuts, and seeds. It’s also a deliciously rich sweetener that you can use in baked goods, too, like in our Pumpkin Brownies. Be sure to check out our many kid-friendly recipes that our children love.

Here’s how the three of us feed Soom to our children:


liel eating chocolate soom

I am the mother of two amazingly different daughters, Liel (pronounced Lee-El), age 4, and Eve, almost 2. From the beginning, Liel went to everyone. Eve would rather stay in my or Omri’s (my husband) hands. Liel can sit and play with a toy for a long time and Eve is constantly moving and running around. Tahini is not an exception – Eve will slurp tahini from a cup. Liel tells me, “No Soom, Mommy” (but that doesn’t mean I don’t sneak it in there ;-)).

From the day both Liel and Eve started eating solids, I mixed Soom Tahini with bananas, silan, avocados, apple sauce. You name it, Soom was in it! Today, I add tahini and silan to their oatmeal in the morning (we have a delicious recipe for gingerbread twist on oatmeal), and mix it into smoothies and yogurt. So, while they are very different – both Liel and Eve get tahini almost daily. Yhe only difference is that one knows and the other doesn’t! I add tahini into their daily intake because of the high amounts of calcium and iron (which many kids don’t necessarily eat enough of)! Plus, it’s delicious!


henry eating soom tahini squeeze pack

Henry is 1 year old now and feeding him is one of my favorite things to do (Jewish mother, much?)… it helps that he loves to eat! I put tahini in everything from his yogurt to fruit puree breakfast. In addition, I add tahini to chopped mushroom and sweet potato mixes that I feed him. I love that tahini works with fruits and veggies so I can feel good pairing whatever he’s eating with the health benefits of sesame!  


I have two sons, Malcolm, who’s 4, and Julius, who’s almost 2, who eat way more mac and cheese, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and french fries than I would like to admit. But, they do love them some Soom products! I’ve been mixing tahini into their food since they were eating mashed fruits and veggies, and now I send both kids to daycare with tahini and jelly or chocolate tahini and banana sandwiches. It’s a great substitute for peanut butter since they can’t eat any nuts at school.  What makes me the happiest these days is that the only syrup Julius knows for his breakfast waffles is Silan! He points to it and demands “mo!” (aka “more”) Move over Maple. Make Room for Soom 😉

For other ways to sneak tahini and silan into your children’s snacks, read this blog post that our nutrition consultant, Adina Fradkin, MS, RD, LDN, helped us with!


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