Winter recipes… made with our local CSA

By: Amy  |  January 24, 2017

Every other week, I get an email from The Common Market Farm Share with the subject line: “What’s in Your Share This Week”

At the beginning of January, my farm share came just before our seasonal photo shoot with Neal Santos, providing me with the fun project of making Soom work with some delicious local winter produce.
Screenshot 2017-01-23 12.07.25

Scouring the internet, I found several inspiring recipes to prep for the shoot – some had tahini already incorporated into the dish, others hailed fabulous flavor profiles where tahini would fit right in.

#lifehack, search for “any produce/protein + tahini” and never be at a loss for recipe ideas.

Per usual, I was blown away at how simple and delicious it is to incorporate tahini into recipes.

winterrecipes-10I subbed Soom for tamari in a collards recipe (thank you, Gena Hemshaw for introducing me to my favorite new way to make collards)


I poured in Soom instead of cream to keep our turnip and potato soup vegan.IMG_6935




The Asian sesame dressing for the grilled lettuce proved to be an incredible sauce for chicken.

IMG_6936(Sear chicken thighs in pan with onions, sesame dressing + ¼ cup water, on high-heat for 4 minutes each side; then, place pan in oven and bake at 400f for 40 min)



< check Neal capturing this beauty



Lastly, I Soomed the shit out of (and ate the shit out of) a banana bread recipe – using ¼ cup apple sauce and ¼ cup tahini instead of ½ cup of oil; and that chocolate swirl you see- it’s chocolate Soom, not Nutella.


we’ll be posting the full recipes over the coming weeks…