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Give your customers the tahini that America's top-chefs choose for their kitchens.

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At-home chefs love the taste, health and versatility of Soom tahini and Chocolate Sesame Spread.

Open Sesame

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Soom products are delicious and easy to incorporate into any meal. Explore our delicious recipes and discover exciting ways to use this superfood ingredient.

Open Sesame


Soom Foods is here to Open sesame!

We are three hard-working women who love to eat, value health, convenience and quality, and were inspired by the ancient sesame seed—a mystical, powerful seed with the nutrition, taste, and versatility to meet current consumer demands.

Shelby had a business degree, Jackie married a sesame expert, and Amy needed a job. We set out to properly introduce sesame to America, we combined our individual strengths and passions to launch a tahini product that is delicious, nutritious, and easy for anyone to enjoy.

From then on, we were no longer just sisters. We became the “Soom Sisters,” co-founders of America’s premium tahini company.

Soom in the media...

"The rich, nutty sesame-seed paste called tahini is so essential to Philadelphia chef Michael Solomonov that he devotes an entire chapter to it in his new cookbook... Solomonov lauds the Soom brand." Grub Street/ NY Mag
"Soom is the real-deal tahini— a rich sesame paste that is good for much more than just hummus." Zagat
"The flavor profile is rounder, roastier and a bit sweeter than you might expect...this makes Soom Tahini very versatile in cooking." Edible Philly
"You don’t have to be a tahini expert to know that some sesame seed pastes taste better than others. Well, maybe you don’t know, because you’ve never had tahini like Soom." Boston Globe
Edible Philly The New York Times Zagat Rated The Philadelphia Inquirer The Boston Globe The Wall Street Journal
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