What is Tahini?
Product Attributes

Why We Do What We Do

  • Family

    We are a family business and want you to feel like family, too.

  • Discovery

    We love learning new things and believe sharing is caring.

  • Connectivity

    We believe that food is one of the ultimate connectors, and we love connecting with our customers around food.

  • Transparency

    We promise to proactively communicate. If something is unclear, please ask!

  • Philanthropy

    We believe it is important to give back and support those in need with whatever resources we have available.

Soom Sisters

Soom Foods is the trusted brand for tahini and tahini products used by award-winning chefs and home cooks. Founded in 2013 by three sisters who share a love for food, family, and community, Soom Foods was born to introduce high-quality tahini and tahini products to the American market. We’ve been talkin’ tahini ever since!

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  • "Soom is revolutionizing the tehina business in America."

    Michael Solomonov

  • "It makes what I’m cooking taste just plain better."

    Sarah Jampel

  • "Soom Tahini is the best tahini you can buy in the States."

    Sara Weinreb

  • "The chocolate version is a dessert all on its own."

    Sheela Prakash