Soom Foods is a sister-owned purveyor of globally inspired pantry staples for celebrated chefs & home cooks.


  • “[Soom] Silan is a Middle Eastern syrup made from steamed, pressed dates. I now keep a container of it in my refrigerator for cocktails. It’s especially suited to whiskey drinks, which benefit from a shot of the dark, musky sweetness.”

    The New York Times
  • “Soom is revolutionizing the tehina business in America. The norm in the U.S. had been tahini that was bitter and brown, and made from too many ingredients. It was a product no one wanted to use. And then there was Soom – a family and women-owned business that started offering tehina made from single-sourced Ethiopian White Humera seeds. Their seeds were buttery and rich and complex, just killer.”

    Michael Solomonov, Zahav, James Beard Award Winner
  • “Soom’s classic tahini should give you a reason to bring tahini into your kitchen much more often. Start with killer hummus and then just keep going: Whisk it into dressing, bake it into cookies, spread it on toast, and toss it with pasta.”

    The Kitchn
  • “This [Soom Silan] is delicious! Nice depth of flavor, light molasses notes, with just the right amount of sweetness. Used it on oatmeal this morning, and can’t wait to try it in other ways.”

    Amazon Verified Customer
  • “Soom: This brand was our tasting panel’s unanimous favorite—there’s almost no competition, if we’re being frank. The consistency is velvety smooth, and it has the cleanest, richest flavor. Soom possesses just enough bitterness without pushing it over the edge…”

  • Soom Tahini (2-Pack)

    “This one is totally the best tahini I’ve had, and I hate when you get tahini and half of it is rock-hard and then the other half is just oil, and it’s really hard to mix them. This one is so creamy and consistently creamy, from the top of the jar to the bottom, and just the taste is really great.”

    Julia Turshen
  • “Soom tahini is great — as close to the tahini you can find in Israel that I’ve found in the States…The result is tahini that’s rich and creamy in texture and incredibly fresh and nutty in flavor — it’s sesame in its purest form, which is exactly what great tahini should be.”

    The Kitchn
  • “We like Soom brand tahini; it’s unctuous and creamy with no oil slick on top (perfect for stirring into batters).”

    Cooking Light
  • “The rich, nutty sesame-seed paste called tahini is so essential to Philadelphia chef Michael Solomonov that he devotes an entire chapter to it in his new cookbook… Solomonov lauds the Soom brand.”



We are a Philadelphia-based, certified Women-Owned company started by three hardworking sisters who love to eat and value health and quality ingredients.