Soom Sisters

Growing up, the three “Soom Sisters” – Shelby, Jackie, and Amy – knew what tahini was from eating hummus or seeing the dusty old can of it in the back of their kitchen pantry. Little did they know tahini would become their passion and their life. It all started almost ten years ago when Shelby was visiting Jackie and her husband in Israel. They stopped by Jackie’s in-law’s, nestled along the Mediterranean Sea. After an amazing meal, Jackie’s mother-in-law served the most delicious carrot cake. It was so moist and flavorful that Shelby had to know the secret. It turns out, the carrot cake was made using tahini! You see, in Israel, tahini is revered for its flavor and versatility. But why didn’t we feel the same way about tahini in the US? Shelby’s inquiring mind had to know. 

When she arrived back in the States, Shelby and Amy scoured the grocery and specialty store aisles looking for tahini like what they offered in Israel. Unfortunately, it didn’t exist. So if Shelby ever wanted to taste that incredible carrot cake again without jumping on a plane, there was only one solution… to start their own tahini company! 

And they did. The sisters combined their skills and passions to create a business founded on a love for food, family, and community. In 2013, Soom Foods, a certified women-owned company, was born. Since then, Soom has been dedicated to bringing some of the world’s most flavorful foods to our kitchen and to yours.

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