Mission & Values

Goldie Falafel Dizengoff Hummus Soom FoodsOur mission is simple, to inspire people across the US to use food as a connector, bringing family, friends, and neighbors together around a community table.

Sounds like a tall order, right? Not really. For generations, food has been at the heart of family celebrations, holidays, and gatherings. Great food inspires, comforts, and makes you feel like you belong. And that’s exactly what we do at Soom. We create food with intention. Food that empowers. Food that makes you want to share it with others. 

We are driven by our love of timeless, healthful ingredients like sesame seeds and dates, and we are committed to making them accessible and easy to use by:

  • Offering food that is flavorful, delicious, and great for you.
  • Treating our customers like family, inspiring you to invite others into the Soom community. 
  • Seeking new and exciting ways to use ingredients and sharing that information with you. 

We strive to accomplish this by upholding our values in all that we do:

  • Family – We are a family business and want you to feel like family, too.
  • Discovery – We constantly seek out information and inventful ways to enjoy healthful food and enjoy sharing what we learn. We encourage others to share their knowledge with us, too. 
  • Community – We believe that food is one of the ultimate connectors and that sharing our love of food is an important way to foster togetherness.
  • Transparency – We feel that honesty and integrity are the best policy and promise to cultivate open communication. We always welcome feedback. 
  • Philanthropy – We believe it is important to give back and support our communities with whatever resources we have available.   

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