Soom Chocolate Sweet Tahini Halva Spread 2-Pack


A rich, semi-sweet and decadent chocolate spread made from three simple ingredients: Soom tahini, cocoa powder, and powdered pure cane sugar.

  • The NEW Kitchen Staple. Delicious and nutrtitious!
  • HEALTHY CHOICE: Half the sugar of most leading chocolate spreads. 
  • High in Protein, Low in Carbohydrates, Rich in Omega 3 & 6’s.
  • DIET APPROVED: Vegan, Peanut-Free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Made from a combination of ground sesame seeds, powdered pure cane sugar and cocoa powder
  • MULTI USE INGREDIENT: Use in a variety of gourmet recipes or simply spread on sandwiches or toast



Reviews from

  • Talk about a delicious and unique treat. We’ve never had anything like Soom Foods’ chocolate tahini before. There are members of our family who are very allergic to nuts and we’ve found them an awesome treat. Our little niece LOVES this “chocolate butter” and gobbles it up by the spoonful.
  • Holy moly, this is delicious! It’s fantastic spread on bread, or eaten directly from a spoon. I am sure there are other great things to do with it, but we went through our first two jars so fast we didn’t have a chance to experiment. Guess we’ll just have to order more.
  • It’s very delicious spread! I love it more than the well know brands on the big market. I usually add one or two teaspoons to my smoothies recipes and the result is fantastic. The shipping was very fast and it arrived in perfect condition. Very good gob guys!
  • Literally the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I should just have this order on some sort of automatic repeat order because the saddest day of my life is when I run out and realized I don’t have another jar left.

“Soom tahini: This company’s classic tahini has excellent flavor and works beautifully in recipes and on its own. But their chocolate spread, made with powdered sugar and cocoa, is beyond rich and luscious; and it only has seven grams of sugar in a two tablespoon serving (a certain chocolate-hazelnut spread that shall remain nameless has three times as much).” – “Open Sesame Paste,” Clean Plates

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Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 x 3.5 x 4.5 in