Soom Tahini 11oz 2-Pack


A paste made from 100% roasted and pressed single source White Humera sesame seeds offering a luxurious and silky texture and a delicious flavor. This nutritious, delicious, and versatile ingredient is lauded in both savory and sweet applications. 

  • CHEF APPROVED: Preferred Tahini of James Beard Award-Winning Chefs
  • HEALTHY CHOICE: High in Protein, Low in Carbohydrates, Rich Omega 3 & 6’s
  • DIET APPROVED: Paleo approved, Vegan, Peanut Free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free Diets
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Made with Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds yielding a delicious, nutritious, and silky smooth texture
  • MULTI USE INGREDIENT: Not just for hummus! Use in a variety of gourmet recipes

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  • This is absolutely *phenomenal* tahini. Every other type of tahini I have ever tried was either bitter, or was a congealed hunk of cement-like pureed sesame seeds topped with a bunch of oil, or both. Usually both. Soom is delicious–so mellow, not a trace of bitterness, and the tahini is perfectly mixed and did not separate. The quality of the sesame seeds makes the difference. I made hummus with it, following the recipe from “Zahav: a world of Israeli cooking” by Michael Solomonov. Granted, the recipe is terrific, but I have NEVER had hummus turn out as well as this–perfectly smooth and a perfect balance of flavors, without an atom of bitterness. Much of the success is due to this tahini, and you better believe I am going to continue buying it. It’s a wonderful product.
  • Opened the jar preparing to make an experimental chocolate-tahini-semolina-cacao nib bundt cake (to mimic my favorite Israeli halvah, on a dare from my daughter) and stuck in a finger to taste this highly-recommended but unknown brand of tahini. Suddenly the kitchen was filled with a low purring sound… it was me, clutching the jar possessively, eyes wide with surprise….This is the best tahini I have ever eaten. Period. Exclamation point. I can’t say ‘ever tasted’ because we’ve gone way beyond that point. Besides the finger, I licked the cake bowl, beaters, spoons, and counter, and had a good spoonful of tahini plain, just because I could. My dinner plans are being revised to include a healthy dose of this amazing stuff. I was not really a big tahini fan before — it went in baba ghanouj and halvah and maybe on ice cream with date syrup sometimes — but consider me a hard-core convert. (Sounds so much nicer than addict.)

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