The Soom Crew


CEO, Co-Founder

Shelby is the oldest of the Soom Sisters. Inspired by her entrepreneurial family, Shelby graduated from the Wharton School with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Management, and has applied this degree to all of her jobs since.

Shelby is responsible for developing the Company’s strategy, managing the finances and accounting, managing the team and overseeing contractor relationships.

Shelby spends her downtime exploring kid-friendly Philadelphia with her husband, Dan and their two sons, Malcolm and Julius. She loves drinking beer, working out and avoiding doing the laundry.


VP of International Sourcing, Co-Founder

Jackie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Conflict Resolution and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from two different universities in Israel. She has been living in Israel since she graduated high school in 2006. Jackie is married to Omri, “the sesame expert,” and they have two daughters, Liel and Eve.

Jackie is responsible for managing Soom’s manufacturing relationships and coordinating exports from Israel.

Jackie has been named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2018 List for the Food and Drink category.

During her free time, wait… What free time?! Parenting two young children has got Jackie’s hands full!


VP of Business Development, Co-Founder

Amy is the youngest of the Soom Sisters. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication in 2011. Following graduation, Amy taught English in Israel and traveled extensively through 2012, until she committed full-time to Soom Foods. She has been talkin’ tahini since January 2013. Amy is married to Darren they have one son, Henry, and a dog, Taz.

Amy is responsible for managing client and customer relationships and the sales cycle and process.

Amy has been named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2018 List for the Food and Drink category.

Amy enjoys doing yoga, spending time outside with her family, and eating her meals at the bar when she travels solo.


Director of Logistics

Emil started working at Soom as the Operations intern in October 2014 while studying at Temple’s Fox School of Business. While interning for Soom Emil enjoyed working autonomously and helped to develop the company’s logistics and operations systems. His appreciation for high-quality ingredients and whipping up delicious meals led Soom to being a great fit for him. Emil graduated in Spring 2016 and accepted the full-time position as Director of Logistics, where he appreciates the everyday challenges of handling the inbound and outbound logistics, managing inventory, and overseeing order fulfillment.

Emil spends his free time hiking with his dog Lucy, checking out happening restaurants in Philly, and binge watching Netflix.


Eastern US Sales Executive

MaryJo joined the Soom Crew in February 2017. After selling real estate for years in Manhattan; then owning a catering company in Central PA, MaryJo was looking for a company that shared her values, did not have a huge corporate structure, revolved around food, and allowed her to use her background of sales and culinary arts in a meaningful way.

As the Eastern US Sales Executive, MaryJo travels the Eastern half of the country, from Miami to Maine, from New York to Chicago and everywhere in-between to meet with restaurateurs, chefs, and distributors. To her delight, this travel involves more than lots of amazing food; it allows her to build deep relationships with people across the United States who share similar passions and values.

MaryJo enjoys visiting photography exhibits at museums, exploring Philadelphia’s culture and restaurant scene, and reading cookbooks in bed at night.


Marketing Coordinator

As a recent Temple Fox School graduate, Julie was ready to dive head-on into marketing and communications. Starting her professional career in July 2017 as the Marketing Coordinator for Soom Foods has allowed her to do all the ambitious things she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish elsewhere: implement her marketing and communication ideas, work at a company with a culture and values that are reflective of hers, and, of course, eat good food.

Julie is grateful to bring her passion for building strong relationships with individuals and influencers, learning and implementing new marketing concepts, challenging herself to experiment with new foods, and giving back to the community to the Soom Crew.

During her time off, Julie enjoys experimenting with makeup, creating upbeat gym playlists, and shopping until her arms are sore.


Western US Sales Executive

Olivia joined the Soom Crew in April 2018 as the Western US Sales Executive. Olivia graduated from Dalhousie University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. It didn’t take long in the corporate world before she recognized her love for food and decided to pursue culinary school. Olivia feels fortunate to be in the thick of the food industry by cultivating meaningful relationships with like-minded people who share her passion in the western half of the country.

Olivia enjoys traveling, especially discovering the lesser known corners of the world. Some of her favorite trips include journeying through Russia on the Trans-Siberian and taking a road trip from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. Originally from Canada, she now lives in Kansas City with her husband, Clint, and their adorable dog, Shandy.

Olivia spends her downtime exploring her new hometown, participating in outdoor activities, and finding her next favorite wine.


Director of Finance and Operations

Priyanka joined the Soom Crew in July 2018 as the Director of Finance and Operations. Priyanka graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Global Food Security. She returned back to Philly to focus on managing financial and entrepreneurial-related items while at the Common Market, a regional food distributor with a focus on small family farms. She’s always had a passion for food and food culture and loves the opportunity to connect her personal passions for family, entrepreneurship, and of course, food (particularly ethnic-food-gone-mainstream) with her work at Soom.

Priyanka is excited to bring internal support, infrastructure building, and financial management expertise to the team.

During her off time, she enjoys practicing yoga and weight training, traveling to new cities and exploring food cultures, and drinking (French) rosé & red (Californian) wine.


Warehouse Coordinator

Richard joined the Soom Crew in August 2018 as the Warehouse Coordinator.

Richard is excited to bring new ideas, great dedication, and warehouse support to the team.

During his down time, he enjoys family time, watching Netflix, and cooking.